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TriMetrix University -"Learning Bites"
Development Insights
Grow Your Strengths.  Manage Your Blind Spots.
Develop Areas Important to Your Success. 

Welcome to your one-stop resource to help
you get the most from your TriMetrix Coaching Report. 

Each link below is a TriMetrix "Learning Bite." They include coaching workbooks,
videos and audio files, all full of t
ips, examples, tools
 and exercises.
There are two ways to navigate this page - 1) use the Jump Links,
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Don't try to consume everything here all at once.  Select a handful of areas 
that are most important to you and your goals, right now. 

Stay focused and track your progress by creating a 
Development Plan worksheet.

Let's Begin

Motivators - Interests  "What Puts Gas in My Tank"

This section provides insight into your top interests. 
In our Car Analogy - this is What Puts Gas in Your Tank.
There are six motivators/interests. Pay attention to what you ranked 
#1, # 2 (greatest interest) and #6 (lowest interest.) 
Each motivators is equally valuable and is a measure of motivation, not ability.  
This area is not easily visible to others and is innate to us.
Grow your Motivation Intelligence. Manage your stress, leverage your strengths and cover blind spots. Understand employees, peers, friends and family at a deeper level.

Workplace Motivators Overview

Review Your  Motivators and the Top Motivators for Your Role

Aesthetic -
"The Balanced and Sensitive Seeker"

Is most energized when s/he can be
create a pleasing environment, 
can pay attention to how things look
and feel and self actualization.
Wake Up Eager Careers
Include: Architect, Receptionist,
Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior
Fashion, Landscape Design,

Individualistic/Political -
"The Power Player"

 Is most energized when s/he can lead,
'be out front', continually advance
position, network.
Wake Up Eager Careers Include:
Leader, Political positions,
Speaker,  Presenter.

Social/Altruistic -
"Helping Others" 

Is most energized when s/he can
coach,  mentor, counsel and be
of service to others.
Wake Up Eager Careers Include:
Teacher, Nurse, Coach.

    Theoretical/Knowledge -
    "The Learner" 
    Is most energized when s/he can learn,
    research and become an Expert.
    Wake Up Eager
    Careers Include: Being a
    Product Expert,
    Journalists, Teachers,

aditional/Regulatory -
"The Process and Order Keeper"

Is most energized when s/he can
monitor, follow and enforce the rules
and system.
Wake Up Eager Careers Include:
CFO, Judge, Police Officer,
Military, Rules Official,

Utilitarian/Economic -
"The Business Person"

Is most energized when s/he can make
money, reduce waste, keep an eye
on revenue and the bottom line.
Wake Up Eager Careers
Include: Business Person,
Owner & Executives,
Sales Professional.

DISC Communication Style - "How I Drive"

This section provides insight into your communication and interaction style. 
In our Car Analogy - this is How You Drive. 
Each DISC style represents a set of  communication tendencies.  There is no
right or wrong style. It does not indicate capability or how effective or ineffective a person will be. 
It helps you grow your Communication Intelligence. With DISC you can understand,
appreciate and learn to adapt to others and their communication needs.

DISC Styles Overview:

DISC - Behavioral Style Hierarchy:

More About DISC Styles:

Personal Skills- Horsepower - Manage Self
"Under the Hood"


Goal Achievement:

Personal Accountability: 


Self Management:

Personal Skills- Horsepower - Manage Team
"Under the Hood"

Conflict Management:

Diplomacy and Tact:


Employee Development:

Interpersonal Skills:



Objective Listening:



Understanding and Evaluating Others:

Personal Skills- Horsepower - Thinking Clearly
"Under the Hood"

    Conceptual Thinking:

Continuous Learning:


Customer Focus:

Decision Making:

Futuristic Thinking:

Planning and Organization:


Problem Solving Ability:

Written Communication:

Dimensional Balance Page Graph - The Six Focus Areas: 

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