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Welcome to your one-stop TriMetrix Coaching Report development resource page!  

Each link below is a TriMetrix "Learning Bite"  with learning tips, examples, tools and exercises in workbooks, videos and audio files. 

There are two ways to navigate this page: 1) Use the Jump Links, below  2) Use Control F search function for this page   Don't try to consume everything here all at once.  Select a handful of areas that are most important to you and your goals, right now. 

Stay focused and track your progress with the: Development Plan worksheet.  Refer to The Complete Leader book, your training materials and your Coach for more information and guidance.  Let's Begin!

Motivators - Interests  
"What Puts Gas in My Tank"

This section provides insight into motivation.  In our car analogy - this is  "What Puts Gas in Your Tank".

There are six equally valuable motivators that are not easily visible to others, but are innate to us.  Your  #1 & # 2 =  interest and energy.  Your #6 = a low interest and possible stressor. 

Workplace Motivators Overview

Review Your #1 and #2 and the Top Motivators for Your Role

Aesthetic - "The Balanced & Harmony Keeper"  (#1 or #2) is most energized when s/he can create a pleasing environment, pay attention to how things look and feel and self actualization.

Wake Up Eager Careers: Architect, Receptionist, Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Fashion, Landscape Design, Environmentalist.  Any position that rewards those who value balance in their lives, creative self-expression, beauty and nature.

Individualistic/Political - "The Power Player" (#1 or #2)  is most energized when s/he can lead, 'be out front', continually advance position, network.

Wake Up Eager Careers: Visible positions, Leader, Politics, Speaker,  Presenter.  Any position that rewards those who value personal recognition, freedom, and control over their own destiny and others.

Social/Altruistic -"Helping Others" (#1 or #2) is most energized when s/he can coach, mentor, counsel and be of service to others.

Wake Up Eager Careers: Service-related positions, Counselor, Teacher, Nurse, Coach. Any position that rewards those who value opportunities to be of service to others and contribute to the progress and well-being of society.

    Theoretical/Knowledge - "The Learner" (#1 or #2)  is most energized when s/he can learn, research and become an expert.

    Wake Up Eager Careers: Being a  Product Expert, Engineers, Journalists, Teachers, Researcher, Consultants.  Any position that rewards those who value knowledge for knowledge's sake, continuing education and intellectual growth.

Traditional/Regulatory - "The Process and Order Keeper (#1 or #2)  is most energized when s/he can monitor, follow and enforce the rules, protocols and the system.

Wake Up Eager Careers: CFO, Judge, Police Officer, Military, Rules Official, Minister. Any position that rewards those who value traditions inherent in social structure, rules, regulations and principles.

Utilitarian/Economic - "The Business Person" (#1 or #2)  is most energized when s/he can make money, reduce waste, keep an eye on revenue and the bottom line.

Wake Up Eager Careers: Business Person, Owner & Executives, Sales Professional.  Any position that rewards those who value practical accomplishments, results and rewards for their investments of time, resources and energy.

DISC Communication Style - "How I Drive"

This section provides insight into your communication and interaction behaviors.  In our car analogy - this is "How You Drive". 

There is no right or wrong style. This area does not indicate capability or how effective or ineffective a you will be in a role. This information helps you leverage strengths, manage bind spots, learn to adapt to other's communication preferences and grow your Communication Intelligence.

DISC Styles Overview

DISC Flash Card:  Top Communication Tips

Video: Overview of the Four DISC Styles

eBook: Explaining DISC

Pros and Cons of a High and Low Score for Each Style - DISC in Depth eBook - 2022

Specific Email Tips for Each Style Use DISC Styles to Create Better Emails

12 Ways to Recognize DISC Styles

Facilitator Strategies for DISC Styles in the Classroom

Short Audio Descriptors:

Dominance         Influence 

 Steadiness         Compliance 

Sales - Whether you’re in a sales position or something far from it in your workplace, knowing sales skills will only help you in the professional world. You’re going to end up selling at some point, whether that’s in an interview, asking for a promotion, or getting buy-in for a new project.

Pick the highest and the lowest scoring styles from your Natural DISC graph, then review tips for understanding and influencing others.

 Adapting Your DISC Style to Effectively Connect, Sell, and Influence Others

More DISC-Related Sales Insights:

Sales: DISC - Body Language

Sales: DISC Style Sales Approach

Sales: Practice Exercise-Adapting to Buyer's Style

Personal Skills/Competencies -
Horsepower - Manage Self

"Under the Hood"

This section provides development tools to for strengthening six important competencies for managing yourself.  In our car analogy - being strong in these competencies improves your  "horsepower".   

Great leaders are always learning, are agile,  achieve their goals, are accountable, and they manage their stress and their time.

“If I can't lead myself, others won't follow me,  won’t respect me and won’t want to partner with me.”

Competencies: Managing Self 

Continuous Learning: Taking initiative in learning and implementing new concepts, technologies and/or methods.

Workbook: Continuous Learning

Video: Continuous Learning 

Video: The Direct Pathway to Your Future

Video: Two Dimensions of Continuous Learning

Article:  How to Improve in Anything: Brain Science, Learning and Pilate

Goal Achievement: The ability to identify and prioritize activities that lead to a goal.

Worksheet: Goal Setting and Action Planning

Workbook: Goal Achievement

Video: Goal Achievement

Video: How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and related article

Video: 8 Goal Setting Mistakes and related article

Audio + Transcript: How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Get Things Done

Article: Key Strategy: Your Daily List of Six

Personal Accountability: A measure of the capacity to be answerable for personal actions.

Workbook: Personal Accountability      

Video: Taking Responsibility

Video: Owning the Impact of Your Leadership Choices

Article, Quiz: Personal Accountability

Audio: Seeing Our Blindspots

Article: Hiring Manager Interview Questions for this Skill

Resiliency: The ability to quickly recover from adversity.

Workbook: Resiliency

Video: Clear Focus on the Vision          

Video: Moving Past Negative Events                                                         

Article: Famous Failures and the Best Mantra for Set-Backs

Personal Skills/Competencies -
Horsepower - Manage Team

"Under the Hood"

This section provides development tools to for strengthening eleven important  competencies for managing your team.  In our car analogy - being strong in these competencies improves your  "horsepower".

Great leaders know how to create agreement and manage conflict. They're committed to the customer and each employee and are able to achieve extraordinary results through people!

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." Michael Jordan

                         Competencies:  Managing  My Team

Conflict Management: Addressing and resolving conflict constructively.

Workbook: Conflict Management  

Video: Conflict Management 

Video: Conflict Management: How to Handle Conflict Like a Pro

Workbook: Handle Conflict Like a Pro

Flash Card: Conflict Handle Conflict Like a Pro

Diplomacy and Tact: The ability to treat others fairly, regardless of personal biases or beliefs.

Workbook: Diplomacy and Tact   

Video: Diplomacy and Tact: Considering Others Opinions                                            

Video: Diplomacy and Tact: The Art of Interacting With Other People     

Video: Diplomacy and Tact: Aligning Intention with Impact       

Interpersonal Skills: Effectively communicating, building rapport and relating well to all kinds of people.

Workbook: Interpersonal Skills     

Video: Interpersonal Skills: Connecting with People at a Deeper Level   

Video: Interpersonal Skills: The Importance of Engaging with Others 

Video: The Fastest Ways to SOLVE Communication Problems

Audio: How to Relate to All Kinds of People

Negotiation: Facilitating agreements between two or more parties.

Workbook: Negotiation

Video: Negotiation: Optimizing Our Relationships.     

Video: Negotiation: Agreeing To a Mutual Outcome

Video: Arranging the Puzzle Pieces

Audio: Facilitating Agreements

Persuasion: Convincing others to change the way they think, believe or behave.

Workbook: Persuasion 

Video: Persuasion: Building Trust With Your Team    

Video: Persuasion: The Business of Influencing People

Audio: Inspire Commitment on Your Team

Article:  Who's Who In Your Meeting - DISC Styles

White Paper: Three Outcomes, Three Tactics and Six Skills

Understanding and Evaluating Others: The capacity to perceive and understand the feelings and attitudes of others.

Workbook: Understanding and Evaluating Others

Video: Understanding and Evaluating Others 

Video: The One Thing We All Have In Common

Audio: A Powerful Leadership Skill: Listening Aggressively

Audio: Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words with Author Oscar Trimboli

Personal Skills/Competencies -
Horsepower - Thinking Clearly

"Under the Hood"

This section provides development tools to for strengthening eight important competencies for thinking clearly.  In our car analogy - being strong in these competencies improves your  "horsepower". 

 A leader who is organized, creative, forward-focused, can solve problems and make good decisions, is an effective leader.   These skills are crucial to managing yourself and your team.

"If you can think and speak and write, you are absolutely deadly, nothing can get in your way." Jordan Peterson

                             Competencies:  Thinking Clearly

Conceptual Thinking: The ability to analyze hypothetical situations or abstract concepts to compile insight.

Workbook: Conceptual Thinking 

Video: Conceptual Thinking 

Video: Creating Theories 

Video: Digging Under the Surface

Audio: Intro to Conceptual Thinking, Part 1

Audio: Intro to Conceptual Thinking, Part 2

Creativity: Adapting traditional or devising new approaches, concepts, methods, models, designs, processes, technologies and/or systems.

Workbook: Creativity 

Video: Creativity 

Article: 7 Powerful Results of Innovation

Audio: Getting Creative, Part 1

Audio: Getting Creative as a Leader, Part 2

Audio:  New Ways to Be More Creative, Part

Futuristic Thinking: Imagining, envisioning, projecting and/or predicting what has not yet been realized.

Workbook: Futuristic Thinking

Video: Futuristic Thinking

Video: Futuristic Thinking: Painting a Picture of the Slice of Life You Desire 

Audio:  Why We Struggle with Futuristic Thinking, Part 1

Audio: How to Improve Your Thinking, Part 2

Audio: A Blueprint for Futuristic Thinking, Part 3

Planning and Organization: Utilizing logical, systematic and orderly procedures to meet objectives.

Workbook: Planning and Organization 

Video: Planning and Organizing: A Roadmap for Your Actions   

Video: Planning and Organizing: Enabling You to Be the Leader You Are Meant to Be

Video: PDCA Cycle 

Worksheet: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

Presenting: Communicating effectively to groups.

Workbook: Presenting

Video: Presenting is Simply Having a Conversation                                              

VideoPresenting Skills:The Ability to Reach Everyone 

Audio:  Honing Presenting Skills 

Speaker Training Non-Profit: Toastmasters International  

Problem Solving Ability: Anticipating, analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving problems.

Workbook: Problem Solving Ability 

Video: Problem Solving Ability Video: Evaluating All Angles of an Issue   

Video: Problem Solving Ability: Thinking With the End in Mind

Video: Problem Solving: Yes And Technique

Video: Problem Solving: Affinity Diagram 

Free Online Cognitive Training Tool: Lumosity

Written Communication: Writing clearly, succinctly and understandably.

Workbook: Written Communication

Video: Written Communication: Reinforcing the Spoken Word                                                           

Video: Written Communication: An Essential Skill Set for Today's Leader

Audio:  Write to the Point

Audio: Write Well: Make An Impression

Free Online Editor:  Word Counter 

Free Advanced Thesaurus: OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Tools for the Six Axiology Dimensions from the Dimensional Balance Page Graph

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