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TriMetrix University - Development Insights

Learn More About Your Strengths, Blind spots and
How to Grow and Develop Areas Important to Your Success.

These TriMetrix Development Insight PDFs provide short learning 'bites' of insight for each area measured in the TriMetrix Coaching report.

Each learning 'bite' covers:

  • Why This Area Is Important
  • What Skills Are Associated with Each Area
  • Tips on Developing the Area
  • Coaching Activities and Exercises

You can track your activity using this  Development Plan worksheet. (Click on: Personal Development Plans/{select the name of the assessment you completed} to create your Development Plan Worksheet.)

Acumen: Dimensional Balance Page
Graph and Personal Skills
"Under the Hood"

Dimensional Balance Page Graph - The Six Dimensions Measured
- Coaching and Development Insights:

Personal Skills Coaching and Development Insights:

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