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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wake Up Eager Leader Tips

 Podcast Episodes #29 & 30:
Brain Research

Part 1 - Episode #29

Part 2 - Episode #30

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Overview of Episodes #29 & #30. The following topics are covered:


  • 13:00 What and How Dr. Ron Measures the Brain  (see brain image below of three reactions)
  • 19:00 How His Research is Used – Validation and Assessment Refinement - When We Say No – What That Really Means & What Happens in Our Brain
  • 24:00 Words That Don’t Work  -Triggers -  His Politics Study (see Words That Don't Work - Verbal Barriers Study)
  • 31:00 Why Dr. Ron Got Into This
  • 37:05 What Separates Us, Me/You & We Conversations and How to Overcome It
  • 41:26 The Dance of the Mirror Neurons (Our ability to experience and feel what someone else is experiencing.)  Back and forth, ying and yang.
  • 43:26 Three Step Process - Understanding Self, Others and then Adapting
  • 45:30 What We Avoid - Why It Matters & We Are Moving from Motivators to Driving Forces
  • 51:35  Diversity, Ying/Yang, Conflict, Appreciation and Listening


  • 5:00 The more you know,the more you learn - what happens in your brain.  Why embracing learning matters.
  • 8:30 Understanding the Development of Soft Skills (see second image, below, with 23 Personal Skills and brain images)
  • 12:15  More asking real questions, listening and allowing silence
  • 15:05  More about Development, Avoidance and Emotional Baggage 
  • 23:00  Five Sciences are like an onion... each layer goes deeper
  • 25:00 Top Advice from Dr. Ron Bonnstetter – Recognize the role of avoidance in decision -making; Science of Self, Listen More, Have More 'We' Conversations
  • 26:24 Exciting Projects Around Emotional Intelligence and Intuition - 'This is the age of the brain.' 'This is replicate-able.'
  • 34:33 Dr. Ron’s Advice to His 30 Year Old Self, We can learn from everyone."  Also, about the power of mentor.
  • 40:05 If He Could Have a Billboard Anywhere “Listen for those things you have never heard.”
  • 42:22  Dr Ron's  Number One Takeaway – “Embrace Uniqueness”  - the future: neuro-diversity

Contact Information for Dr. Ron Bonnstetter:

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- YouTube - Science of Self in Sixty Seconds

- Twitter: @rbonnstetter

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