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Welcome to Wake Up Eager Leader Solutions and Practical Tips!  Hear from our CEO Suzie Price:

Get help right away by picking the area that is most important to you right now:  

HIRING - Helping You Put the
Right People in the Right Seats...

  • TOP INTERVIEWING RESOURCES: Make sure that you and your team are not making interview mistakes or bad hires.
  1. A quick online quiz: The Top 13 Hiring Manager Mistakes, Do YOU Make Them? 
  2. Read the eBook: Risk, Reward and Research in Hiring: The 3 Biggest Interview Mistakes.
  3. Most interviewers talk too much! Make sure the Candidate talks 75% of the time - at least in the first few interviews. Use this as a reminder.
  4. Getting Your Interview Team Ready in Five Steps Listen to or read the show notes for this podcast.
  5. Make sure you avoid unconscious influence and bias in your interviews
  6. Do you have a solid Interview and Hiring Process?  Here's the process we recommend.

  • IMPORTANT HIRING TOOLS:  There's always a risk when hiring or promoting people; use these tools to reduce the risk.
  1. Focus on all  five areas that impact performance and job fit.  (Save this image as a reminder.)
  2. Use the Car Analogy to help your interview team recall, focus on, and discuss all five areas. 
  3. Why Employees Fail.  Listen to, or read the show notes for this podcast.
  4. Get a detailed candidate assessment revealing matches and potential gaps with our Hiring with TriMetrix Process.
  5. Conducting Revealing Reference Checks.  Overcome useless reference checks.  Get the information you need.

TURNOVER - Helping Employees Stay, Own Their
Job and Contribute Their Talents Generously. 

  • TOP ONBOARDING AND LEADERSHIP TOOLS:  Helping you help them stay and thrive! 
  1. Getting New Hires to Stay   Listen or read the show notes for this podcast, sharing what you should focus on and 32 ideas and actions, and more.
  2. Understand DISC Communication Styles and the six Workplace Motivators in each employee's Talent Insights Report.  Hold three get-to-know-you meetings with this sample agenda.
  3. Be a great coach.  Have practical and productive conversations that help employees get and stay on track with this three-step R.E.V. Accountability Process—more about R.E.V. in this article and this podcast.
  4. Be a great coach. Realize the power of focusing on strengths (19 convincing reasons why strengths matter.)
  5. Be a great coach.  Realize that listening is often the only thing needed to help someone. Do you have negative listening habits?  (Take the quiz.)  Watch and remember: It's Not About the Nail.
  6. Take these tips and more with you: 49 Reminders, Tools, and Tips to Create a Wake Up Eager Workforce.  (Complimentary eBook.)

TEAM BUILDING - Helping reduce drama, and
improve  engagement and team effectiveness.

  1. Plan a team Team Effectiveness Meeting to review how everyone is doing and how you can all work together more effectively.   Use the three step meeting plan format, free quiz and tools I share in this step-by-step how to video. 
  2. Use this Simple 7-Point Employee Engagement Survey Process to help you and your team  'Move Fast and Strong' Together!
  3. Three Actions for More Motivations, and Less Frustration
  4. Trust and Team Building Techniques: Hold "How's It Going?" Meetings Get sample questions to build relationships, understanding and an effective team.
  5. Talent Insights Team Building Session Success  Listen to, or read the show notes for this podcast.

STRESS MANAGEMENT - Helping You Reduce
Stress & Create More Wake Up Eager Days!

  1. Learn eight “get out of a funk” motivation strategies.
  2. How to Get Out of Overwhelm.  Listen to or read the show notes for this podcast. 
  3. Reflect, Rest, and Realign with Daily Tune In Time.  Listen to or read the show notes for this podcast. 
  4. Recognize your communication strengths and potential blind spots by completing this complimentary Working from Home DISC assessment.  Also, download our Understand My DISC Style Flashcard with this five-question self-review and reflection worksheet, Work from Home in Peace.  
  5. 123 Mind, Body, and Spirit Tips  A complimentary eBook.

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