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MORE Workplace Motivation and LESS Frustration...

Workplace motivation and inspiration is NOT like a college degree. You don't get it, put the diploma on the wall and say,  "Done! Accomplished! On to the next thing..." It's not static. It's something that you have to focus on consistently if you want to keep it. And some days, motivation is easier to find than others, isn't it?

This video captures an extreme example of stress on the job. Maybe if someone videotaped you and your team's low workplace motivation they'd only record apathy, low energy and missed deadlines.

Whether it's extreme or subtle, low commitment on the job, is costly and frustrating to everybody, including the person who's not motivated.

Economic Cost of Low Workplace Motivation:
Each actively disengaged employee costs an average of $15,922 per year.

That's $328 billion in lost productivity divided by 20.6 million people,
per the Gallup Organization.

What do you do when you're having a bad day?  And what can you do to raise yourself and your team above blatant or subtle negativity and frustration?  How can you get yourself and your team out of the tangled and messy web of anger and frustration?  

For workplace motivation to remain consistent, three things must be in place - direction, support, and development.  Here are three actions you can take to create MORE workplace motivation and LESS frustration:

  • #1.  Make sure EVERY employee has clear and specific direction about what success is in their role. 

    Studies show that leaders THINK that they have been clear about what's required for success on the job, but most employees report they are unsure or unclear about what is expected.   When people feel in charge of their work and know EXACTLY what is expected, they are less frustrated.  

    RESOURCE TO GET BETTER AT THIS:  Use my three-step Performance Dashboard Process that I demonstrate here to GIVE every employee clear direction.  It's not complicated or time-consuming; you have to do it.

  • #2  Check-in OFTEN (formally and informally) to determine if people have the tools, resources, and support to succeed.

    Whenever I conduct an opinion survey for an organization, I'm surprised by how often the most significant frustrations are easily fixable resource and process issues like computers that don't work or outdated and inefficient processes that make a person's job harder.

    RESOURCE TO GET BETTER AT THIS:  Use the 12 Best Employee Engagement Survey Questions and 7-Point Employee Survey Plan I share here to check-in MORE often.

  • #3   Provide Personal Support and Professional Development

    90% of your employees do not invest or study personal and professional development materials independently. Yet, a high percentage are struggling with keeping their workplace motivation up.  Cost and time limitations can make it challenging for leaders to provide ongoing support in this area.

    RESOURCE TO GET BETTER AT THIS:   Coaching support and team-building tune-ups.

“Life is not an easy matter... You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above
personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness.” 
--- Leon Trotsky

Low Workplace Motivation is NOT Normal - Remember This and Take Charge!

If you and your team are frustrated and have low workplace motivation and you've started to think that that is normal. I want you to know, it's not. It's ABNORMAL. It is not anything like who you REALLY are.**

  • What is normal to you and your team is enthusiasm.
  • What is normal to you and your team is laughing a lot many times a day.
  • What is normal to you and your team is to feel strong, sure, confident and secure.
  • What is normal to you and your team is to feel so much self-confidence in your life and in your work and about who you are, that when you look at others you're always in a positive place and able to uplift others.
  • What is normal to you and your team is to have so much energy at the end of the day that you're looking for more good things to do.
  • What is normal to you and your team is to have such passion for life that when you're with other people you're eager to hear about what they're doing and how they're doing it.
  • What is normal to you and your team is to have so much energy at the end of the day that you're already eagerly planning tomorrow.
  • What is normal to you and your team is feeling disappointment that the sun goes down and enthusiastic that the sun comes up.
  • What is normal to you and your team is a zest for life beyond anything that most of you over 8 years old have remembered or felt in a long time.

**Edited from an Abraham-Hicks workshop.

All of THAT is what can be normal for you and your team.  

Take the three actions (create clear guidelines, check-in often and provide support)and do them over and over and over again (remember - motivation is NOT like a college degree, you're never done) and you'll create a new NORMAL - high energy, enthusiasm and a more success!

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