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Best Hiring Practices and Leadership Interview Questions: 70 How to Hire Right Tips

Do you ask the right leadership interview questions of candidates?  Are you hiring the right people every time? 

Have you ever hired your dream candidate only to later discover later they were a nightmare? 

Does your Interview Team know what they're doing? Or are they wasting valuable interview time by talking too much and listening too little? 

Our book: 70 Best Hiring Practices will show you, and every interviewer on your team, EXACTLY how to conduct interviews so that every person you bring on board is a superior performer! 

  • Learn a simple yet powerful eight step process for easily conducting successful interviews and always hiring superior performers. 
  • Get twelve downloadable step-by-step worksheets guides to keep you on track and moving forward. 
  • Use the twenty-four best behavioral interview questions in this book, and the process I show you for creating the best interview questions, to get to the REAL truth of each candidate's experience and ability.
  • Complete the top thirteen Hiring Manager and Interviewer Mistakes Online Quiz, and get tools for avoiding every one of these problems.
  • Use the optional Daily Email Tips Program, offered with the purchase of this book, to incrementally improve your interviewing skills.  This option is perfect for the hiring manager who has no free time, but who really wants to improve his/her hiring accuracy!
  • Develop a Superior Performance Hiring Worksheet for each open position in less than 30 minutes! This Worksheet will help you gain more performance-specific information about each candidate, guide your Interview Team to be more effective and will help you
    make confident and decisive hiring decisions.
  • Conduct revealing and truth-telling reference checks with three simple actions and by using the detailed Revealing Reference Checks Script for Hiring Managers in this book.
  • Reduce New Hire turnover with thirty-three New Hire Ideas and Actions Steps.

After reading 70 Best Hiring Practices you will be able to conduct more productive interviews, reduce turnover and increase productivity.

Get ready, because with the information in 70 Best Hiring Practices For Hiring Superior Performers,  you’ll have the high performing team you’ve always wanted!

Best Book on Hiring and Interviewing
"This book is a must read for hiring managers and recruiters who want to hire superior performers. The author’s step by step approach is easy to follow and implement."

"Her 8 step ‘How to hire superior performers’ process, starting with the Performance Dashboard, is priceless.  The tips, worksheets and behavioral based interview questions are relevant, informative and practical. As a senior recruiter I regularly assist my clients with their  hiring process. This book will be a must read for all the hiring managers I work with."

Kathy Miller, PMP, Senior Recruiter

Get 70 Best Hiring Practices, a 223 page
high value book, in print, Kindle or PDF: 

  1. Print - $24.99  and Kindle - $7.99!  (Go to Amazon for PRINT or KINDLE, here)

  2. Immediate PDF Download - Free  (Click here for Immediate Download 

Instructions: How-to-Read a PDF Book on Your iPad

"Winging It"  is Expensive!

Strong hiring practices and interview prowess is a skill-set that you need to continually hone and improve upon. If you and your Team are 'winging' it during the interview process your odds of: hiring the wrong people, hurting bottom-line profits and creating additional 'people-problems' and frustrations, will increase.

Knowing how to Evaluate Job Fit is important because it will help you:

  • Lower risk when hiring and promoting.
  • Improve job performance and productivity.
  • Reveal specific strengths and development opportunities.
  • Reduce unwanted turnover.
  • Eliminate costly mistakes.  According to Best Seller: Topgrading: The cost of hiring the wrong person can cost you one-and-half to eight times the salary for that position. For example: A wrong hire in a $50,000 position, can cost you at a minimum of $75,000! You cannot afford to make bad hires. (Sales, Executive and other high impact Positions start moving costs toward toward the larger mulitiplier.)

70 Interview and Hiring Tips to Strengthen Your  Wake Up Eager Evaluate Job Fit Habit:

It takes TIME and EFFORT to develop strong sales and leadership interview questions, top interview skills and best practices.

And, I know that TIME and EFFORT can be in short supply for busy, time-pressed professionals like yourself. That's why I am thrilled  to make these Sales and Leadership Interview Questions and Hiring Best Practices Tips available to you to help you master the WUE Evaluate job Fit Habit in my new book: 70 Best Hiring Practices for Hiring Superior Performers

In this book you will get 70 Best Practices and Daily Tips  of hiring and interviewing training for the low book cost of (Print) $24.99 or (Kindle or PDF) $7.99! (That's over 17 hours of training!)

This Book also includes the option to have a Daily Action Tip delivered directly to you by email.
Because I know that you ARE busy each Evaluate Job Fit Action Tip is:

  • PACKED with insight, facts and specifics.
  • ACTIONABLE. Each tip will be an Action you can take right away to improve your interview skills and hiring accuracy.
  • Based upon the: 1%-A-Day Exponential Growth Principle** (Each Tip with take LESS THAN 1% of your time, each day, to read and do.)

Get this 223 page electronic book in two formats: 

  1. Print - $24.99  and Kindle - $7.99!  (Go to Amazon for PRINT or KINDLE, here)
  2. Immediate PDF Download - Free  (Click here for Immediate Download.)

Easy instructions for 'how-to read a PDF Book on your iPad' Here.

**The 1% A Day Exponential Growth Principle:

Taking small Action every day leads to exponential (not linear) growth.

You can strengthen ANY Area of your life, by leaps and bounds, by focusing on that Area for less than 15 minutes a day (1%). And, in 70 days, you'll be twice as good. (You know, the concept of compound interest...right?)

Don’t waste another day, begin applying The 1% A Day Exponential Growth Principle toward strengthening your Hiring Practices and by using the Sales and Leadership Interview Questions, right now.

You do want to be twice as strong in  this Area 70 days, don't you?

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