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  • May 2020, Volume 12, Issue 116
    Same Storm, Different Boats - Keeping perspective as offices open back up
    Do You Have These Negative Listening Habits?
    Two New Podcasts: Essentialism and Antidote to Anxiety
  • Spring 2020, Volume 12, Issue 115
    Three Things from 9/11 That Apply to Today and Covid-19
    Complimentary WFH Resources for You, Your Team and Your Family
    Two New Podcasts: Tune in Time and Virtual Meetings

  • January 2019, Volume 11, Issue 109
    Essentialism - My Word and Focus - If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will!
    NEW - Wake Up Eager Wednesday - My Top Mind, Body and Spirit Tips
    Inspiring Video - Singer Songwriter Pan Rose, singing 'My Life'
  • December 2018, Volume 10, Issue 108
    The Perfect Gift - Match Their Intrinsic Interests and Passions
    Six NEW Podcasts on the Five Wake Up Eager Habits
    Funny Video - There's So Much to Appreciate...
  • October 2018, Volume 10, Issue 107
    This is Normal...
    Four Actions to Create the Wake Up Eager Team Dynamic - and related podcasts
    Funny Video - We All Have Different Strengths
  • Fall 2018, Volume 10, Issue 106
    Slowing Down to Speed Up...
    Enter The Zone - Two New Podcasts
    Patrick Dempsey Video on Racing and a Clear Mind
  • July 2018, Volume 10, Issue 105
    Getting Them to Stay...
    Two New Podcasts on On Boarding New Hires
    Just for Fun Video - Making Chores Fun!
  • June 2018, Volume 10, Issue 104
    Improve Confidence and Swagger
    New Podcast, #43 - What To Do When I'm Angry, How the Five Step Detour Method Can Help
    Just for Fun Video: Kids Remind Us About the Power of Confidence
  • May 2018, Volume 10, Issue 103
    Don't Do What We Did!  (Hiring Insight from our 'harrowing' adventure.
    Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast App - Free - for iPhone and Android
    Inspiring Video: Want It All!
  • Spring 2018, Volume 10, 102
    The "It" Factor - How Do You Know If You Have It?
    Executive Presence
    Just-for-Fun Video: How Terry Tate "Influences"

  • January 2018, Volume 10, Issue 101
    Don't Be Like Your Doctor!  
    Four Actions to Tame Your Advice Monster
    New Year New You Inspiration Video

  • December 2017, Volume 9, Issue 100
    50+ Gift Ideas - Give Them What They Want - Based Upon Style and Motivators

    Assessment-Related Podcast Episodes
    Comical and Touching Video Reminded Us to Appreciate What We Have
  • November 2017, Volume 9, Issue 99
    Thank you, for you - The Power of Giving Recognition Consistently
    Four Reasons Why You Don't and Four Actions you Can Take
    Lovely Video - "I've Got a Attitude of Gratitude" Song
  • October 2017, Volume 9, Issue 98
    Are You Guilty of Strength Projection?
    Most Popular Podcasts...
    Video - My Top Ten List - Favorite Uses for Assessments
  • Fall, 2017. Volume 9, Issue 97
    "How's It Going?" Meetings - for building trust, commitment and loyalty with your team
    19 questions to get you started
    New podcasts
    Just for Fun Video - Mike Loves His Job!
  • June 2017, Volume 9, Issue 96
    "Conflict is inevitable.  Combat is optional"
    Handle Conflict Like a Pro
    Video: Riveting Ted Talk - Resolving the Biggest Conflict of All!
  • May 2017, Volume 9, Issue 95
    Re-calibrate: A Mid-Year Check In
    Managing Your Mind, Body and Spirit Podcasts
    Video: Way Fun - Moving It Dance on the Treadmill
  • January 2017, Volume 9, Issue 94
    $3 Million or a Penny a Day?
    Exponential Growth Principle
    Inspiring Video of an Awesome Transformation
  • October 2016, Volume 8, Issue 93
    Why People Fail and What to Do About It
    Two Podcasts - #28 Listening Aggressively and #18 Understanding TriMetrix
    Video - Inspiration: A "Medal of Awesome" for Ms. Flexer
  • August 2016, Volume 8, Issue 92
    From Avoid to Acknowledge
    Two Podcasts - High Support, High Challenge and Best Boss
    Video - It's Not About the Nail (an entertaining but oh so accurate demonstration of what    we all want from our leaders (and our spouses)!
  • July 2016, Volume 8, Issue 91
    How TPI Hospitality Used TriMetrix to Focus on Fit
    Four Focus on Fit Podcasts
    Just for Fun Video - Who Hired This Guy?

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---Huff Logue, Partner, Execulinks

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