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Use Workplace Motivators Insight to Find the Perfect Hobby and the Perfect Gift

finding a hobby 2023Finding the Perfect Hobby
the perfect gift resize longerFinding the Perfect Gift

If you know or can guess your friend, coworker, or boss's top Workplace Motivators, you know something significant - which is what they are most interested in spending time and energy on.

There are six workplace motivators, something we measure in our Talent Insights Assessment; a person's top two represent top passions and interests.  It "puts gas in their tank" on the job five days a week.

Use these descriptors or look at their top-scoring motivators from their assessment. Learn more about what energizes them and causes them to want to take action by reviewing their favorite hobbies and gift ideas. 

Use this insight daily to tune into who they are, what they care about and improve your relationship with them.  

Finding the Perfect Hobby for Each Workplace Motivator

Theoretical/Knowledge: "The Learner" Passion for Knowledge, Expertise and Research


  • Chess
  • Jeopardy
  • Scrabble
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Brain teasers
  • Duplicate bridge
  • Reading
  • Surfing the internet and technology

Utilitarian/Economic: "The Business  Person" Passion for Business, ROI and  Making Money


  • Monopoly/Risk
  • Investment Club
  • Work
  • Gambling
  • 'Do-it-yourself' projects
  • Financial planning
  • Speculating
  • Side businesses and investments

"The Power Player"
Passion for Leading and Advancing


  • Poker
  • Billiards
  • Chess
  • Golf
  • Extreme sports
  • Networking
  • Running for local/volunteer political office
  • Visible volunteer positions that offer power and influence

Social/Altruistic: "Service & Helping Others" Passion for Service, Removing Pain and Suffering for Others


  • Any volunteer work
  • Big Brother, Big Sister
  • Delivering meals to the needy
  • Visiting a friend in need
  • Community service
  • Working at a shelter
  • Answering the phone for a telethon
  • Church/neighborhood projects

"The Process & Order Keeper" Passion for 'the Rules', Process and Protocol


  • Bingo
  • Church activities
  • Boy and Girl Scouts
  • Rotary Club
  • Family Reunions
  • Patriotic celebrations
  • Political activities/marches
  • National Guard

Aesthetic: "Balanced and Harmony Keeper"  Passion for Creativity, Balance  & Beauty


  • Pictionary
  • Art classes
  • Nature hikes
  • Flower Arranging
  • Cultural arts
  • Decorating
  • Recycling
  • Wine tasting
  • Photography

Finding the Perfect Gift for Each Workplace Motivator

gift guide motivators 2023 image 1

Theoretical and Economic
Download Image 


  • Subscriptions to: Discover Magazine, Popular Science Magazine, Mental Floss.
  • Make a donation in their name to: Research; Colleges and Universities; Educational programs.
  • Any gift that is unique, quirky and about ideas or original thought.
  • Watch Jeopardy, play Cranium and watch mystery shows and How It Is Made t.v. shows.
  • A signed book or a ticket to attend a lecture by his/her favorite author.


  • Subscriptions to: Consumer Reports, Wall Street Journal or Forbes.
  • Any books have  to do with business!
  • Make a donation in their name to: United Way, Junior Achievement.
  • Any gift that is practical and/or related to building a business.
  • Watch the Flip This House,  Price is Right and Pawn Stars t.v. shows together.
  • Collectible art or coins that will increase in value over time.

gift guide motivators 2023 image 2

Individualistic and Altruistic
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  • Subscriptions to: Philanthropy Magazines or Psychology, Counseling and Coaching resources.
  • Make a donation in their name to: Feed the Homeless; Humane Society; Disaster Relief; Heifer International.
  • Spend the day doing a service activity together.
  • Plaque of appreciation for service and loyalty.


  • Subscriptions to: Entrepreneur Magazine, Robb Report, FAST Company Magazine, Sports Illustrated.
  • Make a donation in their name to: something where their name is highlighted and they get noticed.
  • Any gift that is fancy, name-brand and considered fine.
  • Watch Shark Tank and professional sports together.
  • Designer and fashionable clothes and sun glasses.
  • Mont Blanc Pen.
gift guide motivators 2023 image 3

Traditional and Aesthetic
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  • The Almanac.
  • Roberts Rules of Order and books about history.
  • Any books related to organization, process and order.
  • Make a donation in their name to: Religious ministries; Salvation Army; Veterans support.
  • Go to religious services together.
  • Watch westerns, cop shows and evangelists on t.v. together.


  • Subscriptions to: Architectural Digest; House Beautiful and self actualization books & magazines
  • Make a donation in their name to: Save the Earth; Cultural Arts, museums; Greenpeace.
  • Travel tips shows and books.
  • Watch cooking and decorating shows together.
  • Art, decorating or cooking classes.
  • Tickets to the theater.

Workplace Motivator Memory Jogger Card

worlplacemotivatorsMJCARD 2023 SIDE 1
Workplace Motivators Card 2

Download the Workplace Motivators Memory Jogger Card

If you are curious about how Motivators can be used to improve motivation and energy on the job, check out these DISC and Motivator Wake Up Eager Workforce podcasts.  Don't miss more gift ideas using DISC Communication Styles: Reduce Holiday Stress - Five Gift-Giving Tips, Based Upon DISC Communication Styles

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