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Communication and Motivational
Intelligence Workshops

Increase individual productivity and commitment.
Grow team respect and trust.

Decrease department drama and turnover.

Facilitator, Suzie Price, helping participants build Communication and Motivational Intelligence.

Communication and Motivational Intelligence Workshop for TEAMS
Communication and Motivational Intelligence Workshop for  LEADERS

During this workshop, you'll:

  • Improve your ability to effectively communicate with your teammates, your clients, your direct reports and your manager.
  • Create a development plan for the next three to six months that includes built-in accountability.
  • Grow team respect and trust.
  • Learn how to persuade and empower peers, direct reports and clients.
  • Participants receive an assessment providing detailed insights about team and individual strengths and blind spots.  (For teams: Talent Insights Assessment  For leaders: TriMetrix Assessment)

After the program, you will be able to

  • Show team members, direct reports, peers and customers that you understand them by targeting and meeting their communication needs and wants.
  • Capture attention and build trust with others - making it easier to gain commitment on decisions or on work projects and assignments.
  • Motivate and manage others in the exact and specific ways that work for them.
  • Build stronger, more supportive relationships on the team.
  • Increase productivity, employee trust and commitment, and decrease turnover.
  • Increase sales, customer trust and commitment, and decrease customer apathy.

Blended Learning and Tools to Support Ongoing Development

Programs include:

  • Workbook: Communication and Motivation Workbook
  • Job Aids: Communication Style and Workplace Motivators Laminated Communication Tips Reminder Cards and a Talent Tracker
  • Online Self-Paced Development Tools: Videos, audio courses, development plan worksheets, learning bites and more, with 60+ resources.
  • Optional Ongoing Support: Just in time coaching by email and follow up coaching calls.
  • Assessment: Individual customized 
  • Two-hour, half-day, full-day or two non-consecutive days.
  • Optional Add On: One to One Coaching Debrief conversations with a certified Coach.

Intended Audience:
For leaders, and any level of professional, as a team and communication skill-building program. 

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