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Podcast Episode #6:
Get Out of Overwhelm

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Overview of Episode #6 ---

  • The problem of overwhelm runs rampant, the numbers...
  • 6 surprising reasons why we get into overwhelm (it may not be what you think...)
  • 7 Solutions: Position Dashboard, 80/20 Exercise, Daily List of Six, Daily TNT, a Great Book, Tech Tools and Training.
  • Wrap Up: An important Mantra/Affirmation and 9 Reminders…

Topic #1: Intro, the Problem and the Numbers

Timing on Recording: @ 3:30---

  • Problem of Overwhelm on my mind…Coaching calls with 30 different people – 84% (via TriMetrixHD assessment results) were experiencing some sort of discord around getting things done, as light as some tension to as strong as overwhelm, frustration and feeling hindered in achieving results.
  • TriMetrixHD measures: Practical Thinking
    Definition - The ability to anticipate potential opportunities and problems. Sound problem-solving abilities. A calm, cool approach to managing opportunities and problems. Good follow-through.  One key trait of good practical thinkers is that they spend more time working diligently toward important goals than they do "putting out fires," which are urgent but potentially less important in the long run.The numbers: 84% of the 30 people scored NOT STRONG here.
  • TriMetrixHD measures: Planning and Organization
    Using logical, systematic and orderly procedures to meet objectives.  Optimum productivity;  Monitors implementation and makes adjustments as needed. The numbers: 64%  of the 30 people being coached scored NOT STRONG here. (Population mean scores for this competency are low, too – of the 100,000’s biz prof – 1-10, mean score for Planning and Organization is: 4.3.)

Timing on Recording: @ 7:30---

  • I've been there, probably for the first 40+ years of my life.Today – my life is busy and full as it ever was, but I’m not overwhelmed…  
  • Disclaimer – I am NOT a time management expert – I’m just a busy person, who wants to live as fully and joyfully as I can – and I observe myself and others, and I’ve found somethings that work – that I want to share with you.
  • The BEST Mantra/Affirmation (and something to reach for...): I get things done immediately, thoroughly and cheerfully.

Topic # 2: Suzie's Six Reasons Why...  (It Might Not Be What You Think!)

Timing on Recording: @ 11:15 ---

  • 1) Little known concept: Planning Fallacy –a strong tendency to chronically underestimate task completion. The planning fallacy --- Roger Buehler, a psychology professor estimates that people on average underestimate task-completion time by as much as 40%. His studies have found the same issues for matters as small as mailing a letter and as critical as income taxes. 
  • 2) Say yes to too much – being a 'please-r' or we just don’t stop and think, not thinking does this fit in with my/business priorities?
    ---D - Dominant = everything’s urgent, snap decisions, poor delegation, firefighting, no written plan and crisis management (likes action)
    ---I - Influence = like to be involved with too many people, procrastinate “that’s not fun” long lunches (love the conversation) and day dreaming
    ---S - Steadiness = Postpone the unpleasant,  not exercising authority, failure to be precise with responsibility, resisting change
    ---C - Compliance = overly neat and orderly, seeking the best – but not necessarily workable solution, fear of mistakes, overreacting to criticism, waiting for things to happen
  • 4) Wrong type of work, so we start frustrating (not a match to your interests, competencies, communication style strengths) 
  • 5) Sometimes in the right place, but mindset/alignment is off 
  • 6) Management skills lacking – not efficient on the job.They may want to do it, because they liked what they heard.

The BEST Mantra/Affirmation (and something to reach for...)
"I get things done immediately, thoroughly and cheerfully."

 Topic # 3: Seven Solutions to Get Yourself Out of Overwhelm

Timing on Recording: @ 19:05 ---

  • 1) OVERALL: Know what your priorities are with a Job Dashboard – Top 3-5 priorities. Video overview and how-to:
  • 2) Exercise Activity : 80/20 - The rule says that you should be spending 80 percent of your time on the most important 20 percent of your projects. ·       
       -Do you know what your most important 20 percent are?  
       -Do you spend 80 percent of your time on them? Why or why not?
       -What can you do to re-prioritize your projects?
       -Which projects can you delegate to someone else? 
       -Which projects don’t really need to be done? 
       -Which projects should you ADD to your list? 

Timing on Recording: @ 26:20 ---

  • 3) Plan the next Day in advance – Your Daily List of Six
    WHAT: list of six must happen actions the next day, created the night before you leave work, so it’s in your mind and on your desk when you arrive the next day.
    WHY: you get momentum from the previous day;it sets you up for success;it's empowering; it's doable; it brings more ease and calm into your day.
    HOW: Your List of Six should only include  what:
    2 You are WILLING TO COMMIT TO making sure gets done, the next day.
    Once you have your List of Six created, place it where you can see it when you get in to work the first thing tomorrow morning, and all day.       
    -->RESOURCE:   BOOK: 120 Stress Management Strategies for Professionals 
    -->RESOURCE:  QUIZ: Mind, Body, Spirit Quiz

Timing on Recording: @ 34:00 ---

  • 4) Tune in Time – TNT  -  A minimum of 15 minutes a day to Pause, Reflect, Plan and/or Think. (=to 1% a day.) Stress is a part of life. But it doesn't have to be the WAY of your life.  -->RESOURCE: More about Tune In Time - with 15 recommended actions...
  • 5) Book/Process:  Getting Things Done by David Allen - I love these quotes from the book: “It is possible to be effectively doing while you are delightfully being in your ordinary workaday world” 
  • 6) Technology: GetItDoneApp  ; Evernote; Google Calendar with Calendars App – by Readdle ; Schedule Once - appointment scheduler.

Timing on Recording: @ 44:55 ---

  • 7)  Solutions – Management Training -->RESOURCE- our leadership workshops.  Important Leadership Skills to Master: Delegation; Discipline; Communication; Workplace Habits;Change Management

"It is possible to be effectively doing while you are delightfully
being in your ordinary workaday world"  David Allen

Topic # 4: Wrap Up and Nine Additional Ideas Reminders

Timing on Recording: @ 48:50 ---

  • 1) Learn a planning and organization skills system – classes, software, etc.
  • 2) Use the Daily List of six for organizing your day
  • 3) Track how you are spending time every day, every 15 minutes, for 3 to 5 days
  • 4) Say yes to things that serve and excite you – that match your motivators, intentions and goals.  Say no to more things that feel like, “I should” or you are doing because you’ve “always done them” but they no longer serve you.
  • 5) Get help – lawn help, housekeeper, outsource projects, a coach
  • 6) Be aware of when you are feeling angst, anxiousness, frustration and overwhelm – track when you are feeling this and what seems to be the cause – track for a few weeks.  See if you see trends.  Something was happening BEFORE that you lost track of or let take you over, what was it?
  • 7) Meditation, prayer, quiet time. Take daily tune in time.
  • 8) Affirmations to help you shift.  (For example: "I get things done immediately, thoroughly and cheerfully.")
  • 9) Recreate/evolve/change your thinking that being overwhelmed = being valuable/or adds value.  Stop thinking that complaining and feeling ‘like a crazy person with a demanding schedule’ proves something. 


-Overview of DISC Styles

- Create a Job Dashboard

- 120 Stress Management Strategies for Professionals 

- Mind, Body, Spirit Quiz  

- Tune in Time


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