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The Three Best Leadership Assessment Tools...

What are the best leadership assessment tools to use for hiring, promoting, coaching and building talent bench strength?   I definitely have an opinion on what's the best based upon all the tools I've tried used, taught and been certified in throughout my 25+ year career in the business of human development.  And, through all of that trial and error, I believe I have found the best of the best. Here are the three I use the most often and that I recommend:

Here I share why I like these the best, my decision-making criteria, and an inspiring video.

BEST Leadership Assessment Tool:
#1 - The DISC Assessment

The DISC Assessment is probably the most popular of the three best leadership assessment tools on my list. It's been completed by over 40 million people! In a DISC Assessment you get info about:

  • Communication Style Strengths
  • Specific Talents and Value Bring to Work
  • 'Do's and Don'ts' for Communicating With Other Styles
  • Ideal Work Environment
  • insight into Others' Perceptions
  • Keys to Motivating and Managing
  • Areas of Improvement
  • How to Communicate More Effectively With Others

To see a sample DISC Communication Style Report, click here.

This Assessment is one on my Best Leadership Assessment Tools List because it is is very accurate. (People often say, "How did you get this? Did you talk to my mom or my spouse?!!?")

The information in the assessment  is also easy for people to grasp, they very quickly begin to understand the four different DISC Styles, and can immediately put the insight to practical use. I use it often in leadership and sales training classes, as well as for team-building.

To recap: This Assessment is one of the Best Leadership Assessment Tools because it is so accurate.  In addition it works perfectly in almost all leadership and sales training programs because it is immediately applicable.  It helps people understand differences and improves communication.

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom..
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."
Tao Te Ching

BEST Leadership Assessment Tool:
#2 - Workplace Motivators Assessment

This is one of the best leadership assessment tools because it:

  • Reveals a leader's top motivators/passions/areas of interest - explaining EXACTLY what activities will energize this person, and what can be draining.
  • Sheds valuable insight about why people do what they do.
  • Shows participants how they bring value to organizations, so they can proactively use their natural talents & interests to help the organization.
  • Shares specific focus areas for improvement.
  • Helps leaders improve their own, and others, daily motivation, energy, sense of purpose and value.

This is one of the best leadership assessment tools because it helps you understand why you do what you do. This tool has helped me tremendously in developing my own Wake Up Eager days. It's really a "guidebook" to your own purpose, drive and passion. Powerful stuff!

COMBO DISC AND MOTIVATORS SAMPLE REPORT -  Using TWO assessment sciences when developing others is smart, as it gives you and each participant a more detailed view of individual strengths, blind spots and talents.  In the Talent Insights DISC and Motivators Assessment you get DISC and Motivators results, plus you see how the two sciences combine to gather even more valuable input. 

"We know what we are, but know not what we may become."
William Shakespeare

BEST Leadership Assessment Tool:
#3 - TriMetrixHD

TriMetrixHD is a facilitation process and online assessment tool that measures three (tri-modal) aspects of an individual and a job. When measuring job fit and sales skills (for sales positions) we use up to five sciences:  Communication Style, Workplace Motivators, Acumen/DNA, Job Match and Sales Knowledge.  

With TriMetrixHD you can:

  • Measure what a job needs for success - the top competencies, style and rewards - and get interview questions to help you look for what the job needs, when interviewing- so you hire/promote the right & best people for the job.
  • Determine EXACTLY where a candidate or a current employee fits the job and exactly where there are mismatches - this helps you make better hiring, promotion, training and coaching.
  • Focus on specific development needs for employees, this helps us be more focused and efficient when we are training and coaching leaders.

Here are two sample reports: Talent, used for hiring and Coaching, used for coaching.  This assessment is one of the best leadership assessment tools because it helps you hire superior performers and helps you specifically pinpoint top strengths and development opportunities.

"When you are looking in the mirror, you are looking at the problem.
But, remember, you are also looking at the solution."

What TriMetrixHD Measures -
As Compared to Other Assessments:

TriMetrix Comparison Chart CBF 2022

The Department of Labor recommends that if you are going to use assessments to make any decisions - you must measure - at a minimum three aspects of an individual. TriMetrixHD helps you measure more than three aspects, and helps you lower your risk when hiring and promoting.

Review a Case Study about how one company used TriMetrix in their organization, here.

Why Use Assessments?

Why try to find and use the best leadership assessments? They promote understanding. Not being able to name, claim and understand our own and others strengths, and motivators causes frustration, resistance, tension and misunderstanding.

The best reason to use assessments in training: they help build understanding. Watch this short video now...

Rosetta Stone Video:
More Than Words---Understanding...

ROSETTA STONE VIDEO TEXT: "I understand. I understand where we come from. I understand our differences I understand our similarities. That we can connect with each other, that we can inspire each other, that we can improve each other."

"I understand the difference between patience and tolerance, the difference between trust and faith, the difference between you and me. I understand that my language can be yours, that your language can be mine and together we share something bigger, that we are human, that this is our world."

My Criteria for the BEST Leadership
Assessment Tools

I picked and share with you these three assessments because they are:

  • Practical: These tools are more than "fun" - they can be easily put to use to improve communication and leadership and sales skills, and are important in developing self awareness, understanding other's motivational needs and in improving workplace motivation.
  • Understandable: You do not need a PhD. (and your participants don't either) to understand, use and get value from the results.
  • Credible: Each assessment tool is reliable, valid and meets or exceeds E.E.O.C. requirements.
  • Easy To Access: Each assessment is completed online. Getting completed results is quick and easy.


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