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Leadership Assessment Tools for
Development and Employee Selection

The leadership assessment tools I use, and that I demonstrate in my hiring book, help leaders  put the 'right people in the right seats' when hiring and promoting.  They also help pinpoint specific development needs and can make professional development more relevant and more effective.

Why I Use These Tools, And Why You Should Consider Using Them Too...

The assessments that I use are based upon a very important science because:

  • They go beneath the surface and measure what matters. These tools measure a person's mental and emotional conditioning, decision-making tendencies.
  • They tell so much MORE than 'Style' - they tell you about the quality of a person's judgment and decision-making ability is measured by gauging their mental clarity and emotional orientation and conditioning.
  • They help improve workplace productivity and reduce turnover because you hire people who are a fit for the job, so their motivation stays strong.  
  • Scores are compared to top competencies in sales and leadership roles. This helps you determine EXACTLY where a person will perform well and where they could struggle.

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TPI Hospitality

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These Leadership Assessment Tools

What Makes These Leadership Assessment Tools Different: The Science of Axiology

These Assessment Tools are based upon the Science of Axiology.

What is The Science of Axiology?  It is a science that measures how we think and make decisions.

It's a mathematically-based science of evaluative judgment that objectively identifies how our mind analyzes and interprets our experiences.   It identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation.

It helps us to understand how people judge the “worth” of objects and reveals a person's mental and emotional patterns. This allows us to translate perceived qualities into quantitative measures which can then be applied to determine job fit and to pinpoint specific strengths and development gaps.

These assessment tools are:

  • Consistent and non-discriminatory. That's because they are based upon formal value science, rather than the “group norms” of psychology. Assessment responses are compared to mathematical norms, rather than to groups or specific populations.
  • Race, sex, age, and creed have no bearing whatsoever on the results of these instruments.  (This assessment meets all EEOC and OFCCP requirements.)
  • These assessments have proven to be astonishingly effective in evaluating individual professional and personal value areas, such as: drive, ambition, loyalty, capacity for work and personal skills.
  • These sales and leadership assessment tools have been termed “linguistic polygraphs.” That's because both the polygraph, and these assessments, work by measuring emotional responses to questions and phrases.
  • A person's response reveals the degree of a person’s emotional programming and intellectual regard for law, order, authority, organization and other people.
  • Results also reveal how much stress a person may be under, how resilient they are and quickly they tend to bounce-back from set-backs.

Reduce turnover, improve productivity, pinpoint strengths and
development opportunities begin using this science in your hiring process. 

Our Three Step Superior Performance Assessment Process is a simple, yet scientific hiring assessment process that helps you get:

  • #1: Focused, Productive & Truth-Revealing Candidate interviews.
  • #2: Superior Performers Who Excel in the Job and Stay With You.
  • #3: Powerful & Productive On-boarding of New Hires.

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