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Our Hiring Leadership & Sales
Management Assessment Process

Our patented leadership and sales management hiring assessment process helps you see where a candidate does and does not match your open position. We also assess the level of risk and pinpoint specific development focus areas.

Our process will help you:

  • Have Focused, Productive & Truth-Revealing Candidate interviews. That’s because you’ll have Specific-To-Your-Company-and-To-Your-Position Employer Interview Questions.
  • Select Superior Performers Who Excel in the Job and Stay.  That’s because our online Candidate Assessments compare top Candidates to your Position, revealing: gaps, strengths, level of risk in hiring and providing specific Reference and Candidate follow-up questions and recommendations.  Sample Candidate Results Gap Report.
  • Hold Powerful & Productive On-boarding of New Hires. That's because the Team-developed Position Dashboard (that we help you create) provides clear, more defined Performance Expectations you can use to specifically manage and direct every employee's performance.

In Three Simple Steps:

The process is simple and is completed in three steps:

  • Step 1: Create Benchmark: In a facilitated-discussion we help you quickly create a  Position Benchmark using our patented process. Deliverable: Compiled Position Benchmark Report that includes the top competencies, motivators, behavioral style and specific interview questions for your position.
  • Step 2: Assess Candidates: Once you find your top Candidate(s) they complete an Online Candidate Assessment.   See how  TriMetrix compares to other assessments:
TriMetrix is a tri-modal assessment - measuring THREE+ views of a candidate. It is the last column on the right, in red.
  • Step 3: We Compare Candidate(s) to Your Benchmark and to Each Other Deliverable:  A Debrief Report that reveals matches, gaps, level of risk and specific follow up recommendations.

These Superior Performance Assessment Process Steps are based upon Assessment Science that measures multiple-views of Candidates and compares them to your open position. You receive specific, and revealing, performance insight about the person you're thinking about hiring or promoting.

If you would like a complimentary consultation around your current hiring processes, contact us now at 770-578-6976 or via our Online Contact Form. 

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