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THE Business Career Training Tool and Service for 360 Feedback and Opinion Surveys

best business career training tool

We own THE BEST business and career training development survey software tool in the world for helping you get feedback on, and measure the performance of, a team, an individual and your entire organization.  I've used this tool since 2005, and it's been used in businesses for more than 25 years. 

We can help you determine if you need this powerful tool in your organization or we can use it to help you roll out successful 360 degree feedback or opinion survey projects.  We can help you: Improve employee commitment and productivity; Reduce unwanted turnover; Build a smarter and better equipped workforce; Increase customer satisfaction. 

360 Degree Feedback: Survey Development Support for a Project

There is one business career training tools that EVERY organization should use: 360 degree feedback, employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys.  How to steps and resources to do it right!

Client Comments:

"Suzie, Thank you for your help on my recent 360 Feedback. First, I really appreciate your consistent attitude. You are always "upbeat", cheerful and you always encourage others. You have a "Leaders" heart and an attitude that attracts most other folks, especially other leaders."

"As for the 360, you know this is the only 360 I have ever used because it encourages the subject to improve by offering suggested courses of action for the lower scores, while recognizing strengths in the higher scores."

"It gives a 'coach' a fresh place to start with a client who really wants to improve, while mitigating any damage a negative comment may have caused. I have also used the 360 to evaluate 'teams' and found it to be very effective in diagnosing group problems that otherwise would be very difficult and expensive to reveal through multiple interviews. So, I have found this tool to be very helpful to the coach and cost effective for the client"

"I appreciate all the help you have given me. Thank you!"

Greg Gregory, Christopher Management

We help you conduct a well-run 360 Feedback, Team or Employee Engagement Survey, so that can you 'get to' the real problems, development needs and strengths for an individual, a team or for your entire organization.

Accurate information from a well-run Survey will help you make better, more accurate and more informed strategy, customer, employee and business decisions. 


  • All Surveys are completed by your Raters online allowing for confidential and authentic feedback.
  • While Survey Templates are available, each Survey can be tailored to the behaviors you want to re-enforce.
  • Every aspect of every Survey can be customized. 
  • A Development Plan Workbook is available for 360 Feedback Survey Coaching.
  • 360 Feedback Surveys for Leaders include specific development recommendations and coaching action sections for lowest scoring areas.  (A supremely valuable tool for internal coaching and creating meaningful development plans, growth and improvement.)
  • We can help you with a complete roll-out plan, if needed.  This can include: a communication plan to all Raters, debriefing of Survey results, and a detailed recommended development plan and actions steps.  We can work with you (if you want) so that you know how to use the Survey results to create a plan for targeted improvement.  We don't just 'drop the results on your desk.'
  • You can also have your internal Coaches and Trainers conduct the Survey Debrief discussions.
  • Debriefing Options include: Half day to Full day Workshops, One-to-one Meetings, or your Internal coaches & facilitators conducting the 360 Feedback Debrief meetings. 
  • Train the Trainer for internal coaches is available.

More Testimonials from Users of the 20/20 Insight Software:

"I'm a Human Resources Representative... One of my biggest projects is our
World Wide Employee Opinion Survey, which includes our offices in Asia,
Europe,Mexico, South Africa and Australia.  I was able to create the survey
results quickly. And I was able to administer two other surveys at the
same time. These assessments were so easy to set up and manage.
Kami Johnson Fourth Shift Corporation

"The 20/20 Insight software is extremely flexible and user-friendly. If we
did have questions, the support from the technical staff  was excellent.
The information we have obtained is being used by employees to set
goals and design individual development plans throughout the entire organization."

Nancy Lombard PEMCO Financial Services

"Incorporating 20/20 Insight into a training program for our salespeople has met
with very positive results. The participants of the class feel they have
gained valuable knowledge about how their customers perceive them and
they would not have been able to obtain this information elsewhere."

Ginger L. Eardley SYSCO

"The 20/20 Insight software is a very user-friendly software. I have evaluated
several software packages, and this one provides the most bang for the buck.
Also, the support staff has provided very professional, courteous, and prompt
assistance anytime I've ever had problems. These problems have been rare.
Greg Tedder Santee Cooper

"I can’t imagine running my consulting business without 2020 Insight. I’ve been using 20/20 now for two years and it has been an invaluable addition to my consulting practice. I now have a tool that allows me to provide valuable feedback to my clients though 360-
degree feedback surveys, organizational climate surveys, and customer surveys."
Bonnie Reiner, BHR Training, Inc.

"As a leadership consultant, I was looking for a tool to use for leadership assessments. 
The first time I used 20/20 I knew I had made the right decision. I love the flexibility.
As it turns out, I have used it more for other purposes, such as training needs
assessments and team building assessments. My clients have been pleased
with the professional looking feedback reports."

Merle Switzer Switzer Associates Leadership Solutions

Consider This If...

If some of your managers and supervisors lack key leadership skills, resulting in low engagement and high turnover, you might benefit from this Service.

If you've ever invested money in training and development programs, only to find that people aren’t changing their behavior back on the job, might benefit from this Service.

If you are unsure how your customers or clients feel about your company’s products and services, might benefit from this Service.

If you currently use surveys in your organization (360 Feedback, team, employee, organizational, customer and more), might benefit from this Service.

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