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Essential Leadership Performance
Skill Development for All Levels of Leadership

Our Essential Leadership Performance Skill Development workshops helps leaders:

  • Improve their interpersonal and relationship skills so that they are more effective managers and leaders.
  • Confidently and effectively hold both positive and course corrective feedback meetings with employees.
  • Empower others growth.
  • Create a climate of open communication and strong trust.
  • Reduce unwanted turnover.
  • Improve motivation, commitment, engagement and productivity.
  • Reduce human resource-related legal problems.

Strong Teams Start With Strong Leaders.
Our Solution...

We provide seven interactive, two-hour to four-hour modules so that you can design the skill development program that best supports the growth of leaders in your organization. 

There are three foundational half-day leadership classes and four optional add-on programs.  Each interactive class includes a workbook, job aids, and is facilitated by Priceless Professional Development.

Before class reading assignment, post-class assignment, role-plays, development action plans, accountability partners and interactive and experiential exercises are used and are designed to ingrain the four skills, so that they become a habit.

Covered in the Three Foundational Half-Day Classes:

  • Foundational Class #1: The Four Skills Best Bosses Have Mastered (Half-Day)

    The Four Skills are: 1) Cultivate a Positive Sense of Self in Others,  2) Address Problems Quickly and Factually  3) Lead By Inviting Participation  4) Listen Aggressively  (acronym for quick recall - C.A.L.L.)

  • Foundational Class #2: How to Listen Aggressively to Get Results  (Two-Hours)

    Leaders check-in on progress on using the four skills (C.A.L.L.) and book discussion.  Leaders practice the four Listening Aggressively steps and self-assess how they score on the six Negative Listening Habits.
  • Foundational Class #3: How to Hold Effective  Course Correction Conversations (Half-Day)

    Leaders check-in on progress on using the four skills (C.A.L.L.) and Listening Aggressively steps.   We share a proven conversation model and skills steps that incorporates the four skills (C.A.L.L.) and Listening Aggressively skill.  Participants practice real-life conversations.

Covered in the Four Optional Modules:

  • Optional Add-on:  Communication and Motivation Intelligence  (Half-Day to Full Day)

    Leaders complete a communication and motivation intelligence assessment and watch a debrief video prior to class.  In class they learn how to leverage their own and other''s strengths and manage blind spots.  (This program can be a great way to kick off a leadership initiative or can be used in a retreat setting or standalone.)
  • Optional Add-on: How to Hire and Promote the Best  (Two Hours to Half-Day)

    Leaders learn how to avoid the top thirteen mistakes interviewers make and they apply the skills a current or upcoming opening.  They receive a hard and soft copy of our book: How to Hire Superior Performers.
  • Optional Add-on: How to Resolve Conflict Effectively (Two to Four-Hours)

    Leaders learn and practice the four step P.R.E.P. process for handling conflict.  The skills taught in the program build upon the skills previously shared around listening and leadership.
  • Optional Add-on: Better Meetings (Two Hours)

    We discuss the frustrations and cost of bad meetings.  Leaders practice using six tools that are guaranteed to improve their meetings right away.

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