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Podcast Episode #17:
Overview of the 6 Motivators

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Overview of Episode #17 ---

  • Overview of the 6 Motivators
  • 4 Step process for MORE Motivation
       - How to double your levels of motivation and energy, in 70 days
       - How to use this info you help your employees do the same
       - Understanding potential blind spots so you can manage them
  • 5 interview questions to ask candidates
  • Complimentary offer

Timing on Recording: @ 0:02:25  ---

Topic 1: Suzie’s Real-Life Story Around  Mismatch of Motivators, What the Motivators Are and About the Workplace Motivators Assessment

  • The Workplace Motivators is an Assessment used to reveal what puts gas in your tank.  DISC style – what people see, WM – not seen, but they drive your behaviors.  I use this assessment in team building, training – leadership/sales/interviewers and in hiring.
  • Your Assessment results explain why people do what they do.
  • Your top two motivators, according to the assessment, are your top strengths, preferences and where you thrive. 

Timing on Recording: @ 0:16:08 ---

Topic 2: What are the Six Motivators?

  1. The Learner/Intellectual motivator – She will research market trends and actually become trained in the workshop and become certified in the assessments so she can train other people to teach the class.  She will focus on gathering all the necessary information.  (Einstein, Professors, Journalists)
  2. The Business Person/Resourceful motivator – He will focus on sales and figuring out what the budget should be. (82% of all top sales people score #1 in this area…)  Work hard and long for economic return and want to reduce waste. He’s going focus on how to maximize return on investment. (Donald Trump, Investors, Sales people)
  3. The Serving Others/Altruistic motivator she will coach people who’ve completed the assessment before and after each workshop.  She will also mentor the new trainers and coaches mentor as they are out around the country teaching, making sure their needs and interests are taken care of  (Mother Teresa, princess Diana, coaches)
  4. The Balance Seeker’ Harmonious motivator he will focus on using his talents in design to make sure that the marketing materials look and feel just right.  He will also oversee how the PowerPoint slides and workbooks look, ensuring just the right look and pleasing aesthetic.  (Martha Stewart, Walt Disney, architects, designers-marketing, web, interior, landscaper)
  5. The Power Player/Commanding motivator she will be the public image and face of the training program – making speeches to groups and attending networking meetings all over the country. She’ll help lead the team and stay focused on thinking outside the box, getting visibility and advancing her own and the team’s image. (Professional speakers, politicians, entrepreneurs, sales – networking)
  6. The Principled /Process and Order Keeper motivator he’ll drive the efforts for standard operating procedures for all employees and for the roll-out of the program.  He’ll monitor and enforce the rules to ensure that the traditions of the company stay strong.  He’ll also oversee that the budget – checking to make sure that everyone is following the budgetary guidelines. (Ministry, policeman, CFO)
  • Motivators help answer these four questions, a quote from 1960 by Dr. Robert S. Hartman, the Founder of the Science of Axiology: "What am I here for in this world? Why do I work for this organization?  What can this organization do to help me fulfill my meaning in the world?  How I can help this organization help me fulfill my meaning in the world?"

Timing on Recording: @ 0:30:25  ---

Topic 3: M.O.R.E. Motivation – The First Two Steps, Questions for Candidates

  • There are four key actions for getting MORE Motivation, they are
    M.  Motivators and Strengths Matter
    O.  Observe, List
    R.   Re-Fuel Daily, Check Blind spots
    E.   Embrace Differences
  • M. Motivators and Strengths Matter. This first step for MORE motivation is a reminder about the power of using your strengths every day.
  • O. Observe and List  Begin OBSERVING your actions and energy and creating your own list of your top 5 strengths are - It’s empowering to know what you’re good at, and it’s thrilling to spend your time focused there!  Go to Episode #2 for five simple, but revealing Observe and List Actions You Can Take:
  • “We have the energy to do what we want to, and we never have the energy to do what we don’t want to do, and we always want to “do” our strengths and motivators.”   
  • “People bring who they are to the job – and who they are is not only their background and experience, but their natural style, strengths and motivators.”
  • Suzie’s Book: How to Hire Superior Performance
  • Information about the TriMetrix Hiring Assessment Process: 
  • Five Questions to Ask Candidates: Just ask the questions, and listen closely.  Don’t let the candidates off easy by allowing them to give you vague and general answers, be sure to press them to give you specific examples for every answer. 
  1. What jobs have you enjoyed the most? Why? Please share specific examples of what you enjoyed.
  2. What jobs have you enjoyed the least? Why? Please share specific examples of what you disliked.
  3. Give specific examples of past environments you worked best in.
  4. Give specific examples of past environments that did not work well for you.
  5. What kind of responsibilities would you like to avoid in your next job? Why?

Timing on Recording: @ 0:38:42 ---

Topic 4: M.O.R.E. Motivation – 1% a Day and in 70 Days, You’re TWICE Improved & Step 3 R. Refuel Daily, Check Blind Spots 

  • Small efforts add up! Pick one:  Option #1 - $3 million in cash this very instant  OR Option #2 - A single penny that doubles in value every day for 31 days.
  • If you chose Option #2, the penny, you're going to be very pleased with yourself. That's because on Day 31 you'll have $10,737,418.24!  That’s over three times more than Option #1, the $3 million in cash!!
  • The “magic” of compounding: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.   (Download this book for free! Get a complimentary audio download with a free 30 day trial by using my affiliate link.) 
  • Take 15 minutes a day to use your strengths and motivators more, which is 1% a day, and your efforts will add up.  Do this for 1% a day and in 70 days, your motivation will be twice improved.
  • Top Stressors for Each Motivator
  • What’s a blind spot?  Well, blind spots point to ANOTHER advantage to Observing, Listing and knowing  your top M&S - that we’ve not even talked about yet – because your top strengths and motivators can become so second-nature to you, you often don’t even realize when you’re overusing them…  We all have blind spots.
  • "Any virtue carried to an extreme can become a crime.” 
  • Top Blind Spots for Each Motivator

Timing on Recording: @  0:50:20 ---

Topic 5: M.O.R.E. Motivation – Step 4 - E. Embrace Differences 

  • Pride around what you value (your top motivators) can lead to unintentional judgment and conflict, “I’m right, you’re wrong.”
  • “One person’s crazy is another person’s refreshing.”  
  • Hire people who match the job so that you have stronger intrinsic commitment to the work; and for the people already there – pay attention to their strengths and help each person become aware of them and use them as much as possible.
  • This step is a reminder to not judge yourself for having differing interests from others, and to not judge others for their interests.   Pushing against difference is usually the root cause of personal and professional conflict. 

Timing on Recording: @  0:59:58 ---

Topic 6: M.O.R.E. Motivation – Step 4 – E. Embrace Differences 

  • Schedule a Complimentary Consulting Call with Suzie –
  • Special offer for the first three who email and schedule a call – two options: 1) two DISC/WM Talent Insight Coaching Reports and access to my private self-study coaching tools web page and debrief video OR 2) One TriMetrixHD  Candidate assessment, I’ll compare to a national benchmark… written debrief with follow up recommendation.

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