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Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast #2 - Show Notes

Podcast Episode #2:
M.O.R.E Motivation

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Overview of Episode #2:

  • Quickly increase your level of personal enthusiasm, resilience, and motivation … and those of your team members using the Workplace Motivators Assessment and the MORE Motivation Method.
  • Interview with national speaker and trainer: Doug Smart of Strengths International

Contact Doug Smart:

Topic #1 - When We Don't Focus on Our Strengths:

Timing on Recording: @ 2:15 ---

  • Story about Poet Ted Hughes.  How a visit from a fox helped him make decisions better aligned with his intrinsic motivation, and he found success.

Topic # 2: How to Get MORE Motivation - Four Steps:

Timing on Recording: @ 7:10 ---

  • Insight into your top intrinsic motivation question:  "While working at __(insert where you work)__ I want to gain... ___(fill-in the blanks)___."
  • The MORE Motivation Method:
    M = Strengths Matter
    O = Observe and List
    R = Refuel Daily, Check Blind spots
    E = Embrace Differences

Timing on Recording: @ 8:22 ---

  • Five Simple Observe and List Actions You Can Take:
    1) Pay attention to what you are compelled to do
    2) Review your answer to "While working at... I want to gain..."
    3) Reflect upon what did not work for you - what's the opposite?
    4) Take 15 minutes of Tune In Time every day.  (= 1% a day) 
    5)  Review past assessments or take a Workplace Motivators Assessment.  (Talent Insights Sample Report)

Topic # 3:  Why the Workplace Motivators Assessment is so valuable and what the six motivators are:

Timing on Recording: @ 16:00 ---

  • The Workplace Motivators Assessment shows you:
    - Why you feel energized around certain activities and stressed about others
    - Why some people 'bother you' and others are 'so easy to be around'
    - Why you hated 'that job' (when everyone else thought you should be happy and grateful...) and felt so burned out
    -Why certain actions feel "right" for you, and others don't interest you at all
    - Why other people do what they do. You'll feel more appreciation for the differences between yourself and others.

Once you know what your top two motivators are you can focus there, spending time more time doing those things.  And, as you do that, your energy and self esteem grows stronger, and stronger.

Timing on Recording: @ 17:55 ---

There are Six Workplace Motivators – As I list them thing about which two most sound like you.  Also, look at your answer to why you do what you do – which one matches:

  • "The Learner" A Passion for Knowledge  Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Wake Up Eager Professors & Journalist
  • "The Business Person" A Passion for Business and Making Money  Donald Trump, Alan Greenspan, Wake, Up Eager Investors and Executives
  •  "The Power Player" A Passion for Leading, Advancing and Being Out Front John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Wake Up Eager Professional Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Politicians
  •  "The Serving Others Helper" A Passion for Service, Coaching and Helping Others   Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Great Wake Up Eager Coaches and Counselors
  •  "The Process and Order Keeper" A Passion for Order, Structure and Tradition -The Pope, Policeman, Hall Monitor, Great Wake Up Eager CFO’s
  • "The Sensitive Balance, Harmony and Experience Seeker” A Passion for Creativity, Beauty and Pleasant Environments Walt Disney, Martha Stewart, Wake Up Eager Architects and Designers

Topic # 4: Interview with National Speaker, Consultant and Trainer Doug Smart, from Strengths International

Timing on Recording: @ 23:33 ---

  • Doug's background
  • How and why Doug uses the Workplace Motivators Assessment.
  • Stories and tips for using this Assessment
  • Great quote from Doug, "There's no way people can excel if they are not meeting their motivational needs."
  • Doug's contact information:  doug (at) strengthsinternational (dot) com

Topic # 5: Favorite Hartman Quote, Important Ideas to Remember, and Close

Timing on Recording: @ 59:45 ---

  • Here are five questions the creator of the motivation and assessment science I use, Robert Hartman posed in the 1960’s. He shared that were important for every leader to ask and answer about person on their team… and they are as true and important today, as they were back then….
     “Are they going to be happy?  Are they going to be productive? Will they want to stay?  Will they own their job?  Will they contribute  their talent generously?”
  • Important Ideas:
    - Start with creating your own list of your top M&S and start consciously  using them more every day.  Feel the power of this and then start giving that same gift to the people on your team. 
    - Don’t assume that anyone can excel in any job.  And remember that People bring who they are to the job – and who they are is not only their background and experience, but their natural style, strengths and motivators. 
    - Look for matches in strengths and motivators when hiring, in addition to background and experience (more on how to do this in future podcasts and fully outlined in my book: How to Hire Superior Performers. – home page)
    - Make assignments, when you can,  based upon individual strengths and interests
    - Don’t forget the ROI for you and your organization in all of this – studies show that Leaders who focus on the strengths and motivators of the people they lead are 86% more successful, then those who don’t.   And teams who can say that they get to do what they do best every day, are 38% more productive and have 44% great customer service scores.
    YOU have gifts and special talents that matter.    And so do the people who work for and with you.   

    - Help everyone around you become more aware of their own gifts, hire and manage based upon them and you’ll create a happy, motivated and very productive team of people who own their jobs and contribute their talents generously.


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