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Podcast Episode #18: Demystifying & Understanding TriMetrix

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Overview of Episode #18 --- 

  • Understanding Hiring and Coaching Assessment Tool TriMetrix
  • What TriMetrix Is and How to Use It
  • All About the Rich History of TriMetrix and the Science of Axiology
  • How to Read and Understand the Dimensional Balance Page

Timing on Recording: @ 2:26  ---

Topic 1: Personal Story and Why People Do Not Work Out

  • A Personal Story: When I first realized how challenging it can be to hire the right person for the job – a tough lesson.
  • Reasons why people do not work out.
  • Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler shared 69% let go due to lack of personal skills
  • Cost of turnover 1.5 to 8 times salary – silent killer of Corporate Profitability

Timing on Recording: @ 14:37  ---

Topic 2:  What People Bring to the Job

  • My Car Analogy
  • Have to get away from, “Anyone can be trained to do any job.” “With enough training & try hard enough any one can excel…” 
  • People bring who they are to the job – and who they are is not only their background and experience, but their natural style, strengths and motivators.
  • Fit Matters
  • Our data shows that one assessment is 60% predictable – good fit-  in successful hiring; two assessments are 80% predictable in successful hiring and three assessments are 93% predictable in successful hiring.
  • Department of Labor recommends three views of a person
  • Assessment Results should account for less than 30%

Timing on Recording: @ 17:00 ---

Topic 3: What Is TriMetrix?

Timing on Recording: @ 29:20  ---

Topic 4: History of TriMetrix and About the Science of Axiology

  • Formal Axiology is a logic-based science
  • When we make decisions and take action-we use our mental and emotional capacities to do so.  Sometimes we take the right actions and make the right decisions, sometimes we don’t
  • Axiology is measuring the quality of our judgment and decision-making by gauging both our mental clarity and emotional orientation and conditioning.  Judgement responses reveal strengths and development opportunities.
  • Dr. Hartman, “This is a study of one’s thinking habits.”
  • Robert Schirokauer – 1932 fled Germany fake passport.  Rejected communism  and believed that ‘every life is sacred and that you can’t kill people for an idea’ 
  • Changed name: Robert S. Hartman.  12 books, hundreds of articles, 1970’s – companies like Seimens, Volkswagen, Alcoa Aluminum were using HVP.
  • Hartman's vision was to give us the means to recognize and fulfill "the good" within each of us, thereby enriching our lives.  By applying these principles on a broader scale, we may also enrich our world and make it a place of more "goodness" and peace.
  • Serves as a roadmap – pointing where we are and where we can go – to full self-actualization
  • How people judge, think and process.  
  • TTI SI is powered by its three decades of research, conducted by Target Training International, Ltd.  data pool of millions of individuals collected over these decades. They have four patents.
  • I became certified in 2004.

Timing on Recording: @ 33:20  ---

Topic 5: Understanding How We Make Decisions – Three Dimensions of Thinking from Axiology and Dr. Hartman, The Dimensional Balance Page and Personal Skills

  • How does axiology do this? Three main thinking dimensions.
  • We all use all three dimensions in our thinking and decision-making to various degrees.  We think and feel in all three dimensions, fluidly, all the time.
  • Young Man on a Cruise – SYSTEMIC: I’m here to meet women; EXTRINSIC: Three days, tall women with brown hair; INTRINSIC:  I met the love of my life
  • How this relates to TriMetrix & Dimensional Balance page…  The higher the score = high clarity = high capacity – “I can do this with ease – it will be a strength.”
  • External and Internal – Six areas:
    - External- Understanding Others –“stepping in the shoes of others…” Listening skills, empathy and degree of emotional distance, ability to build trust and rapport. Ability to adapt to others. 
    - External- Practical Thinking -Common Sense  -social norms,  can do or frustration in getting things done. Understanding functions at work, apply resources.
    - External- Systems Judgment - understanding the system and order, approach to authority, understanding of rules and whether embrace them or rebel against them. Big picture, structure and order.
    - Internal- Sense of Self -Sense of inner worth, Comfortable in own skin, below average – hungry for achievement or tendency to burn out-does not take care of self.
    - Internal- Role Awareness  – changes – impacts resiliency, self-management, internalized role, understand place in the world, if high + - no barriers to their drive/motivation/pride in role
    - Internal- Self-Direction -  ideal self. Self-discipline, self-image, project self into the future
  • Proxy Statements – 78 quadrillion ways to rank the items, First Set of 18 – good to bad, Second Set of 18 - agree to disagree
  • Clarity - How well the respondent understands the dimension Based on how the 18 statements were ranked - 4-6 low, 6-8 medium, 8-10 high
  • Personal Skills – research --- required at some level for most jobs; all are job related. most jobs only require Mastery of seven, 18- 20 high = high performer, high capacity
  • Research – Top Personal Skills in Leaders:  Personal Accountability, Goal Achievement, Interpersonal Skills, Leading Others, Persuasion.

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