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Episode #116: The Love and Curse of Knowledge with Bobby Powers

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In this episode of the Wake Up Eager Workforce podcast, I engage in a fascinating conversation with Bobby Powers, Director of Learning & Development at Jitasa. Bobby brings over a decade of experience managing teams, building training programs from scratch at various startups and SMBs, and training over 100 managers and executives. He has also navigated teams through hypergrowth and layoffs, making him a seasoned leader in organizational development. We discuss the concept of stoic philosophy, communicating simply, and the curse of knowledge.

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Overview of Episode #116 --- 

  • Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge
  • The Curse of the Ivory Tower Leadership Lesson
  • Bobby's Reading Journey and Tips for Retaining Insights
  • Using this Stoic Philosophy for More Satisfaction and Less Stress

Episode 116 discusses the "curse of knowledge," a concept that highlights the difficulty experts have in explaining complex topics simply. Bobby shares practical tips for overcoming this challenge, such as using analogies, breaking down information into manageable chunks, avoiding jargon, and checking for understanding. These strategies are essential for anyone looking to improve their communication skills, whether in leadership, teaching, or public speaking.

Bobby and I also touch on the importance of effective leadership, emphasizing the need to understand and address the unique needs of team members. They explore the stoic philosophy, which encourages focusing on what one can control to reduce stress and increase satisfaction. This episode is packed with valuable insights for leaders, trainers, and anyone interested in enhancing their communication and leadership abilities.

In this episode:

[00:06:52] Bobby Powers introduces the concept of the "Curse of Knowledge".

[00:09:50] Bobby Powers talks training with starting with what they know and then slicing the new content into very manageable chunks.

[00:13:11] Bobby Powers on Albert Einstein's quote "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

[00:13:47] Suzie Price on the idea that all of us forget what it's like to first learn something. As our knowledge grows and we become more familiar with the nuances of a topic, it becomes harder to communicate the concepts simply.

[00:22:50] Bobby Powers shares his biggest passion in the world.

[00:29:03] Bobby Powers talks his steps to note taking and the S.U.B method.

[00:29:45] Suzie Price reviews Bobby's Talent Insights assessment and his Wake Up Eager strengths.

[00:47:06] Bobby Powers introduces Ryan Holiday's writings on stoic philosophy.

[00:58:13] Suzie Price recaps episode 116 and her chat with Bobby Powers.

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Five Tips to Slay the Curse of Knowledge

Made to Stick

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Using Obsidian as Your ‘Second Brain’

Connect with Bobby:


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