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Podcast Episode #52:
Activate Greatness 

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Overview of Episode #52 --- 

  • The three things leaders can do to activate greatness in others.
  • The power of and how to listen behind the words for emotion and commitment.
  • How to get out of the problem so you can find better solutions quicker and how to give more effective feedback.

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Timing on Recording: @ 6:10  ---

Topic 1: Top three things that leaders and coaches can do more of to activate greatness.

  1. Listen for their greatness.
  2. Listen for their strengths.
  3. Listen for their commitment for the positive intention behind their words.

Timing on Recording: @ 7:14  ---

Topic 2How does it help you serve others when you take a stand for their greatness?

  • When we stretch ourselves, there's going be a point in which we waver or wobble, the key is to not get sucked into the wobble, stay focused and be a reminder of their vision. 

Timing on Recording: @ 8:50  ---

Topic 3: How did you get so strong and oriented this way? (Activating greatness) What can others do to change the tendency to say, “I did this wrong?”

  • The first thing that comes to mind is what's wrong, what's not working right.
  • Your first thought is not always your best thought.
  •  It's easier with clients than it is with family, positive distance.
  • “Your only agenda is that I'm happy and successful.”

Timing on Recording: @ 11:26  ---

Topic 4: What are some of the things that you say to yourself or that you help others do to make sure that their agenda is first and foremost?

  • You aren't successful if you aren't happy too.
  • Don't get sucked into their story of why they can't do something.
  •  Keep their commitment and their vision in mind.
  • Affirm their strengths, even when they don't see them themselves.
  • Empower people.
  • Clear parameters.
  • Set an end result.Clear communication.
  • The commitment and vision behind the words are more important than the words.

Timing on Recording: @ 16:49  ---

Topic 5: A different way of listening.

  • Be absolutely present in the moment. Turn off all the distractions.
  • Listen to what they're saying, not what you want to say next.
  • Listen with all of you.
  • Distinguish between what your head is saying and what your gut or your intuition is saying.
  • Appreciate more.

Timing on Recording: @ 30:00  ---

Topic 6: How to get out of the problem.

  • You can't be in the energy of the problem and find the solution from there.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Talk about the problem, complain about it, go neutral and then move towards a solution.
  • “Don’t want.”

Timing on Recording: @ 33:33  ---

Topic 7: Reasons it is hard to listen and activate greatness.

  • Super busy.
  • Impatient.
  • Juggling multiple objectives.
  • We have an agenda.
  • We're attached to our solution versus being attached to the outcome.

Timing on Recording: @ 35:32  ---

Topic 8: How being humble ties with acknowledging strengths or not acknowledging strengths.

  • Opposite of humble: Arrogant.
  • Healthy competence.
  • But vs. And
  • Ask to give a suggestion.

Timing on Recording: @ 42:05  ---

Topic 9: Secret to affirming strengths while giving feedback on improvements.

  • Make a request for change, not a demand.
  • Ask permission for feedback.
  • Don’t use telling language.
  • “You're not really serving somebody if you don't also tell them how they can do better.”

Timing on Recording: @ 46:38  ---

Topic 10: Who influenced you to your greatness? What did they say?

  • Landmark Education Seminar Leader, Doug. He refused to see me as my “little self,” and challenged me, he saw me as bigger than my problems.
  • Lovingly, but firmly challenge someone.

Timing on Recording: @ 50:49  ---

Topic 11: What books or training programs have been most instrumental to your development?

  • Landmark Education training program.
  • Coach University.
  • Mindset training.
  • Teaching of Abraham Hicks.

Timing on Recording: @ 52:55  ---

Topic 12: When you think of the word successful, who's the first person that comes to mind? 

  • Suzie Price.
  • Successful to me, means happy, we can be successful in the terms of the trappings in life, what is our position in life, how much money we're making, all those kinds of things that people typically call success, and for me, success is my ability to move through life happy, doing work that I want to do, making a difference in people's lives and doing it from a space of a happy, energetic being.

Timing on Recording: @ 54:07  ---

Topic 13: Getting to know Denise Hedges.

  • Favorite guilty pleasure TV Show: “So, you think you can dance?”
  • A funny story your family tells about you: Five year-old open-heart surgery story.
  • Advice you would give you 25 year-old self: “Chill out. Trust more. Believe in herself and that it's all gonna be okay. Don’t to be so controlling. And get quiet, list more to what’s going on on the inside and do less.”
  • What would your billboard say? Where would it be?: “Believe in yourself, trust in yourself.” It would be everywhere.
  • Last bit of wisdom, advice that you want everybody who's listening to take away about activating greatness: We are all tempted to go into what's wrong, what needs to be changed? Know that that’s a default and comes with this organism called a human being, that’s okay, and your first thought is not always your best thought. Put that aside and focus your time and energy on your strengths and what they're doing well, and hold the vision, the end result vision of what you want and what it looks like even when you don't know exactly how you're going to get there.

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