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Motivate Yourself & Your Workforce - Understanding the Aesthetic Interest 

The Workplace Motivators Assessment accurately measures how a person scores in six motivation dimensions, which helps us understand why people do what they do.  This area does not measure ability; it reveals interest and motivation toward certain activities.

People who score Aesthetic as a top interest (number one or two) will be energized when they can work and create in harmony and balance.  (Scroll down for more information.)

People who rank this as their lowest interest aren’t less harmonious. They value harmony in different ways.  Review this information if this is a person's lowest interest (number 5 or 6).

Each interest, high or low, of the Aesthetic motivator is important to understand for your team.  Appreciate the people around you with these drivers and apply this knowledge to help them be successful.

Aesthetic Overview 2023

Download this Image and the Workplace Motivators Assessment Memory Jogger. 

More About The Aesthetic Motivator

aesthetic stress overdo

Top Stressor and Dissatisfier: Sometimes, we can feel dissatisfied with what we are working on without understanding precisely what is stressing us out. There are stressors and dis-satisfiers for each different type of motivator. Understanding Workplace Motivators can be a game-changer! It helps people understand their stressors, so they can work to avoid them.  

Potential Blind Spot: Of the six different Workplace Motivators, each has something they can “overdo” without realizing it. (Like a blind spot when driving, others see it, but we don't.) Understanding what we tend to overdo can help in our personal and work lives, serving as a ‘watch out’ for over-utilizing strengths.

What Someone with this Top Motivator Will Feel Most Rewarded By

We all thrive in environments that reward our top motivations. Our Motivators are part of our greatest strengths and are the key to high-performance. Part of job fit is about ensuring that what the job rewards is also what rewards our natural drivers!

The Aesthetic Workplace Motivator can also be called the Look ad Feel motivator as this person has a natural drive to experience how things look and feel.

job rewards aesthetic

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If Aesthetic is Ranked #5 or #6, Least Interested:

If this motivator is ranked #5 or #6 it least interested, their approach might be, "I tend to compartmentalize chaos and focus on function and the end result."

  • People with a lower interest driver are driven by the functionality and objectivity of their surroundings. 
  • They are not distracted in environments filled with chaos and have the ability to view everything in pieces and focus on one piece at a time.
  • They tend to be Objective and are constantly looking for objectivity in their environments and focus on function over form. 
  • They prefer to break a whole project or idea down into measurable parts and look at them independently of one another.
  • These people need a functional work environment over everything else. 
  • When communicating with them, make sure to get to the point! 
  • Using bullet points without overloading a conversation with extraneous information will help them hone in on what needs to get done; in the same mindset, try to remove emotions and feelings from discussions as much as possible.
  • These people tend to be excellent project managers. 
  • They don’t lose their cool in the chaos of a large-scale objective and can break projects down into a more manageable scale. 
  • Let them harness their ability to focus on specific, measurable outcomes and watch your entire team thrive because of that.
  • One thing to keep in mind; these folks people get overwhelmed or extend too far past their abilities, they might end up creating chaos rather than solving it since their tolerance for it is much higher than others. 
  • Help keep these team members on track with project briefs, clear to-dos, and outlined goals for them to hit.
  • Whether an employee has a high interest or low interest in this motivator, they  both offer crucial insight into your workplace. Their different perspectives and talents will make your team all the stronger when it comes to taking action and making aesthetic decisions.

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