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Episode #92 - Workplace Motivation: Drive Like You Have the Keys to a Ferrari with a Full Tank of Gas - Part 1

Episode 92 Website Card (updated)

Maintaining a motivated workplace is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Oftentimes, executives attempt to engage their teams through group outings and large meetings to encourage socialization and connection to improve motivation.

While these are good exercises, the key to maintaining an engaged workforce is focusing on the level of the individual employee. Each employee is going to have different strengths, weaknesses, and Workplace Motivators that shape the way they work in your organization.

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Overview of Episode #92 --- 

  • Discover six culture and gender-neutral motivation dimensions.
  • Rev up your understanding of motivation, energy and commitment. 
  • Accelerate your ability to connect with others with different views and interests. 
  • Highlight other's innate strengths in a way that empowers them and helps them feel on purpose and eager
  • Using these hidden motivations in hiring, onboarding, team building and in managing conflict. 

By ensuring that your employees feel seen, heard, understood, and cared about in your organization, they will be more engaged in the work that they do, and they will likely care more about the goals of the company. 

It is strongly encouraged that you have your employees partake in a Workplace Motivators Assessment that will outline their top Motivators and give you (and them) insight into how they think about situations, how they make judgments, and how they work best with others. 

With this information, weekly meetings with your employees will help you touch base with them, establish a connection, check in on how they’re feeling and what their workload is like, and understand how best to utilize them by prioritizing their motivators and strengths in the workplace.

Tune in to this episode today to hear about the Six Workplace Motivators and how you can leverage them with your team! Come back for part two, where we do a deeper dive into workplace motivation. You won’t want to miss it! 

In this episode: 

[01:41] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! 

[04:54] We are giving a special giveaway this episode! 

[06:42] The benefits of the Workplace Motivators Assessment. 

[08:21] What role do Motivators play in employee engagement and motivation?

[11:32] One-on-one meetings with your team are important to build connections and maintain employee engagement and motivation. 

[16:50] When employee engagement and motivation are lacking, it results in high turnover and can have very expensive outcomes.  

[17:58] We hire champions. What are the reasons that some of our champions don’t work out? 

[19:16] We can mitigate turnover by ensuring that we are hiring the best fit for the job and that employees feel connected in the workplace.

[23:23] Suzie demonstrates an exercise about the Six Motivation Dimensions based on your reaction to a specific scenario.

[31:04] The history of workplace motivators. 

[32:49] Suzie explores each of the six motivators in more detail and how they guide our decisions and judgments.  

[38:40] Thanks for listening to Part 1! Be sure to join us for Part 2, where Suzie will dive deeper into workplace motivation.

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Take the Workplace Motivator Assessment  and Development Tools –
Motivator Memory Jogger Card   AND   DISC Memory Jogger Card
Management Tips for all Six ⦁ Motivators (GAS IN TANK)
The Team Talent Tracker – Capture the Team's DISC Style and Motivators with tips.
Podcast Episode:
Connectable  - How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In! My Discussion with Best Selling Author
Workplace Motivation: Drive Like You Have the Keys to a Ferrari with a Full Tank of Gas - Slides

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Connect with Suzie:

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  3. LinkedIn: Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast

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Fifty Workplace Motivators Assessments*  This is a $350 value!

We will send a complimentary assessment link to the first fifty people who take a few minutes to share a podcast review and let Suzie know.  Once you have your Assessment results, go to to watch the debrief video and use hundreds of resource materials.

*The Workplace Motivators Assessment takes ten minutes to complete and is a robust tool for measuring a person's top drivers and interests. (Sample Report ) Use your complimentary for yourself or give it to an employee, family member, or friend. 

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