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Episode #93 - Workplace Motivation: Drive Like You Have the Keys to a Ferrari with a Full Tank of Gas - Part 2

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I am back with Part 2 of my discussion on Workplace Motivation. Now that you know why the Motivators are so important when you’re trying to engage and inspire your employees, I want to continue to share what the Motivators are and how they present.

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Overview of Episode #93 --- 

  • Discover six culture and gender-neutral motivation dimensions.
  • Rev up your understanding of motivation, energy and commitment. 
  • Accelerate your ability to connect with others with different views and interests. 
  • Highlight other's innate strengths in a way that empowers them and helps them feel on purpose and eager
  • Using these hidden motivations in hiring, onboarding, team building and in managing conflict. 

The second Motivator is Utilitarian. If you have someone who is a High Utilitarian, they are going to be extremely focused on return on investment. No matter what they’re doing, they want to see some sort of positive return on their investment of time and money. 

Next is Aesthetic. The High Aesthetic is concerned with form, balance, and order. They want things to have their space and be beautiful as well. They’re extremely averse to chaos.

The fourth Motivator is Social Altruistic. These people are your Mother Theresas. They want to serve others and are intent on creating space for those around them. They want you to know that they’re there for you. 

Fifth is the Individualistic Political. These people are charismatic and tend to be the face of an organization. They are your leaders and executives and are very focused on the image of an organization. 

Last is the Traditional Regulatory. Your high Traditional person is going to be very focused on the processes that make an organization run. While not averse to change they have a tendency to question change which can make them look like they’re hard to work with. 

All of this information is extremely important when you are trying to build an engaged and enthusiastic team. Why? Because when you have a well-rounded team with members who are doing the work they love to do you create a culture of excellence. This is where you find your champions. 

I share two examples of the Workplace Motivators in action from a leadership perspective and a job fit perspective that you definitely don’t want to miss. These two examples highlight the ways you can use Motivators in your own organization to build highly engaged teams. 

Which Motivator best describes you? How do you think you could use this tool to create a stronger organization and more cohesive culture at your company? 

In this episode: 

[00:37] Welcome back to Wake Up Eager and Part 2 of my keynote talk on Workplace Motivators. 

[01:42] The second Motivator is Utilitarian - looking for return on investment. 

[03:46] The third Motivator is Aesthetic - interested in balance, order, and form. 

[07:12] The fourth Motivator is Social Altruistic - they love to serve others. 

[10:13] The fifth Motivator is Individualistic Political - willing to be the face of an organization. 

[13:29] The sixth and final Motivator is Traditional Regulatory - want to enforce rules and values. 

[17:07] The Motivators provide a common language for understanding and discussing differences. 

[18:33] Listen as Suzie shares an example of how the Motivators have changed and empowered an entire team. 

[22:00] One of the biggest mistakes organizations make when hiring is believing they can train anyone to do a job. 

[23:19] Suzie shares a hiring case-study that truly hits on the importance of job fit. 

[27:15] Five interview questions you should use with every candidate during hiring. 

[29:01] The benefits of using the Workplace Motivators in your organization. 

[29:40] Hear a quote from Dr. Hartman. 

[31:58] How you can use the Motivators throughout the lifecycle of an employee. 

[32:52] A quick recap of all six Motivators.

Information Shared in the Podcast:

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Management Tips for all Six ⦁ Motivators (GAS IN TANK)
The Team Talent Tracker – Capture the Team's DISC Style and Motivators with tips.
Podcast Episode:
Connectable  - How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In! My Discussion with Best Selling Author
Workplace Motivation: Drive Like You Have the Keys to a Ferrari with a Full Tank of Gas - Slides

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