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Episode #84 - Connectable: Grow Your Social Fitness with Ryan Jenkins

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As professionals, we talk all the time about the most effective ways to communicate with one another. But, one topic that we often miss in that conversation is the value of connection with those around us.

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Overview of Episode #84 --- 

  • Understanding the Causes and Effects of Loneliness in the Workplace.
  • Exploring the Impact of Loneliness on Team Performance.
  • Connecting is critical to creating healthier organizations and more productive teams.

15 million workers in the US share that they are lonely 82% of the time, and 90% of people stated that if they were feeling lonely at work, they would not venture out to inform their immediate supervisor of their feelings of isolation.

When we are leading teams of people and expecting quality work from them, it is vital that these people feel a sense of community and partnership among their team. We all have the strong urge to belong to something bigger than ourselves and to be noticed for our work and dedication. 

So how can we be better as leaders? How can we evolve our leadership styles to ensure that we are putting barriers up against loneliness and isolation in our teams?

I spoke with Ryan Jenkins, bestselling author, internationally recognized keynote speaker, and connection expert, about loneliness in the workplace and the actionable steps that you and I, as leaders, can take to keep loneliness and exclusion out of our teams. 

We want to ensure we are looking after the development of our team members, letting them know that their work is appreciated, and touching base on their feelings of work/life balance. But we can do more with our teams, and it begins with exuding the behaviors that foster a culture of connection in our workplaces.

Listen in to this episode to hear more about the different ways you can bring a sense of connection and belonging to your teams and some of the tools that Ryan can offer you along the way. This episode is full of so much value for you and the work your teams are doing. You won’t want to miss it!

In this episode:

[01:32] Welcome to the show!

[02:44] Meet our guest speaker, Ryan Jenkins.

[04:20] Life and work are better when you’re connected.

[05:44] Gen Z is the loneliest generation.

[07:14] The pandemic’s effect on loneliness.

[09:44] The difference between communication and connection.

[11:24] The power of icebreakers in social settings.

[12:31] Ways to encourage connection in virtual settings.

[15:25] Connection is what holds your team together and brings strength to your work.

[17:45] Connections don’t have to be ongoing to be beneficial.

[19:35] Loneliness won’t be reported in the workplace because it comes from a place of vulnerability.

[20:34] Exclusion impacts the brain in the same way as physical pain.

[29:08] Loneliness isn’t the absence of people, but the absence of connection.

[33:35] Workforce leaders need to commit to connection and make a plan for the connection of their teams. 

[35:41] Assessments and tools for team connection.

[39:14] Connecting with yourself is just as important as connecting with others.

[40:49] Your team members will be more engaged with just one significant connection on their team.

[42:54] Exercises for connection activities among teammates.

[47:28] The importance of psychological safety in teams.

[48:39] Books and training programs that were instrumental for Ryan

[52:44] How Ryan stays connected with his friends and family.

[54:43] What Ryan would put on his billboard.

[56:38] Ryan’s parting words of wisdom. 

[57:56] Take action to connect with your team today!

Information Shared in the Podcast:

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