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Episode #100 - Growing Influence and Understanding How We Think, Feel and Make Decisions with Ron Price - Part 1

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The study of Axiology has greatly impacted my life and my career. One of the people I look up to most in this science is Ron Price. He’s the president of TTI Success Insights and he has a way of breaking down Axiology to make it relevant to anyone who is growing influence. I’m so excited to have him join us for our celebratory 100th episode of The Wake Up Eager Podcast.

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Overview of Episode #100 --- 

  • How Axiology impacts self-awareness and personal and professional growth. 
  • How we can all grow and develop our ability to become influential by using the three models of leadership.
  • How a focus on timing, logic, and energizing others helps us become more influential.

Ron and I met back in 2005 when he was putting on a mastermind sharing the deeply transformative science of Axiology. In case you’re new here, Axiology is the philosophical study of how we attach meaning or value to something. 

It gives us a framework to think about how we as humans view and appreciate the physical world around us. 

Ron learned about this principle from one of the original students of Axiology, David Medford. David and his wife Vera learned directly from Robert S. Hartman himself and created the Hartman Institute. 

In this first part of our interview, Ron and I chat about what Axiology is, how he breaks it down for people who are new to the science and why it’s been so impactful in his life. Ron’s eloquent way of speaking about his experiences and life made this interview simply fly by. You won’t want to miss a minute of it. 

In this episode: 

[04:50] Welcome Ron Price to Wake Up Eager.

[06:04] How does Ron explain Axiology to those who have never heard of it? 

[07:31] Why Ron views Axiology as an organizing principle in his life. 

[10:01] Does he have a specific way of explaining Axiology to get people more engaged? 

[17:08] Ron explains the influence the study of Axiology has had on his life.

[21:57] What does Ron hope that people take away from his book? 

[25:47] Learn what power and timing have to do with one another. 

[28:29] What does he mean by “lead with logic, follow with emotion”? 

[33:02] Why you should aim for people to feel energized and heard after interacting with you.

[37:25] Ron shares more about his personal life. 

[38:50] How did Ron feel about his very first TriMetrix Assessment? 

[42:55] Hear about Ron’s experiences with Dave Medford, a teacher and student of Axiology. 

[47:20] Part 1 is over, are you ready to finish it up with part 2?

Information Shared in the Podcast:

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