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Episode #101 - Growing Influence and Understanding How We Think, Feel and Make Decisions with Ron Price - Part 2

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In part two of my conversation with Ron Price we really start to dig into his personal thoughts and beliefs. He shares more about the influential people in his life, how understanding his DISC and Motivators changed the way he interacted with people, and what he does to support his mind, body and spirit.

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Overview of Episode #101 --- 

  • How Axiology impacts self-awareness and personal and professional growth. 
  • How we can all grow and develop our ability to become influential by using the three models of leadership.
  • How a focus on timing, logic, and energizing others helps us become more influential.

But first he gives some extremely sage advice regarding how to properly debrief a TriMetrix report. The most important thing to remember is that you’re always learning in the process of debriefing. You’ll never know it all. Also, you really want to pay attention to the purpose of each conversation. 

Are you in a hiring situation? Helping someone gain or develop deeper self-awareness? Helping someone to increase their capacity to understand others? All of these situations would involve a different kind of conversation to happen. He also shares his tried and true method to help someone become more understanding of others, and it’s really good!

Ron then goes into his DISC and Motivators. He provides one of the most self-aware assessments of his own results that I’ve ever heard. For instance he has a High I score, but then all of his other results depend on the circumstances. It’s truly fascinating. 

Listen in as he shares more about his Motivators and why his upbringing played a major role in how those manifest in his life. He also shares more about his faith and his influences. Then he gives one of the most unique billboard answers we’ve ever had on the show. 

Ron is absolutely brilliant to listen to as he shares his insights, and I hope you enjoy learning more from and about him. Listen all the way to the end to hear my thoughts on the conversation and learn more about my podcasting journey and what I’ve learned along the way. 

In this episode: 

[02:56] We jump back in with Ron providing his advice for anyone who is debriefing TriMetrix reports. 

[06:56] Ron provides deep insights regarding his DISC and Motivators and how knowing them has changed his life and work. 

[12:34] Who has most influenced Ron in his life and career? 

[16:19] Everyone has influence and we never know how our influence will impact the world. 

[20:36] Ron shares his daily habits that keep him going and growing. 

[26:45] Habits are built little by little, not all in one grand swoop.

[28:00] What advice would he give his 25-year-old self? 

[30:07] Where would he put a billboard and what would it say? 

[31:34] Ron shares his final pieces of advice. 

[33:46] Suzie provides in depth insights into this episode, her takeaways, and podcasting as a whole. 

[37:56] In everything you do, lead with logic and follow with emotion. 

[41:57] Discomfort is the key to growth. 

[46:57] What it takes to be a great leader.

[52:11] Learn about Suzie’s journey to becoming a podcaster.

[57:53] Sage advice for anyone looking to learn or do something new.

[38:50] How did Ron feel about his very first TriMetrix Assessment? 

[42:55] Hear about Ron’s experiences with Dave Medford, a teacher and student of Axiology. 

[47:20] Part 1 is over, are you ready to finish it up with part 2?

Information Shared in the Podcast:

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Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact 
The Complete Leader
Growing Influence Book review
Robert S. Hartman Institute – Founder of Axiology
Charlie "Tremendous" Jones

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