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Overwhelmed? Embarrassed by a Mistake? One of the Best Motivation Tips for a Quick Recovery...

Out of all 120 motivation tips and strategies shared in my Re-Calibrate Mind, Body and Spirit Daily Tips Email Program this Tip is my favorite.  Several readers tell me they agree. It's important because it reminds you of a very valuable mindset and truth. It's something I try to remind my self of often.

It comes in the form of this Mantra:

 "I can never get any of this wrong,
because I'm never done."

When I'm feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed about a mistake, or when I feel like I've done something that 'looked foolish' - reminding myself that I can't get anything wrong because there's always another day and more to come, helps me release inner tension and gets me moving forward again more quickly.

In my opinion it's one of the best motivation tips ever because it is one of most mentally and emotionally freeing thoughts you can think and feel.

What Success REALLY Looks Like...

We tend to look at other successful people, and because we don't know the 'real' story about goes on in their life day-to-day,  we assume they've found their success with great ease and that they don't make the kind of mistakes we make.

This is one of the best motivation tips and stress management strategies. This mantra and mindset will help you when feel overwhelmed or embarrassed by a mistake.

*Success Sketch by Comedian Demetri Martin.

We think we're doing something wrong when we make mistakes, when we're overwhelmed or when we doubt ourselves.  But in truth, all of those 'messy things'  play a part in almost everyone's journey to success.  And going through the 'messiness' of mistakes, and even failure, can serve to sharpen thinking, build greater awareness and clarify direction for a even better outcome. IF we let it!  

If you choose to, you can use the 'messiness' of failures and problems to your benefit.  You can decide to not let 'the mess'  break you down by reminding yourself often that:

  • You Can't Get Wrong.
  • That You'll Always Be Refining, Learning and Becoming. 
  • That You Can't Get It Wrong, Because There's Always a New Day and a New Play. 

Joe's Got It, "Move Forward..."

I'm a fan of mysteries. One of the key characters in mystery writer Robert Crais' books is: Joe Pike.

Pike is a stoic hero and former Marine with a difficult past.  Past personal pain in Pike's life always comes up during his investigator adventures.  He uses the red tattoos on his huge-humongous shoulders to remind himself to look ahead and move forward. 

This is one of the best motivation tips and stress management strategies. This mantra and mindset will help you when feel overwhelmed or embarrassed by a mistake.

Tattoos OR my favorite Mantra - you choose. 

But I believe it can be one of the best things you do for yourself is to work with and use our feelings of overwhelm, embarrassment or past struggles.

  • First, notice the inner tension and  'allow it' for a little while.  Some sulking and commiserating IS okay...just don't get stuck there.
  • Then, when you can, you must pick yourself up. Let that same inner tension inform and teach you about what you now know about what you want, that you didn't know before this setback.

 Ways to let past mistakes or problems live in the past, so that you can boldly move forward, include:

  • Appreciating what you now know as a result of the mistake or problem.
  • Reminding yourself when you think you 'should' have success 'all figured out' that there's NO 'should' AND there's NO time line.  
  • You're not finished because you're not done!

Internalizing these ideas can help you take some of the stress and urgency out of the equation, which then helps you move forward with more clarity and determination.  (I first heard this idea of 'never being done' from one of my favorite Teacher's at Abraham-Hicks Publications.)

Famous 'Failures'

How did these famous people move forward from set-backs and struggles? 

They probably "took the hit" of the pain of the "failure" and sulked for awhile. 

Then, I believe they decided to learn from the set-back and then began to chart their next steps. 

I'd like to think they even used one of the best motivation tips ever, by telling themselves something like this,

"Hey. I didn't get this wrong.  I'm not done.  Because of this situation I now know
more clearly what I  want, and I'm going to get back out there. I'm going to start
moving forward again, only this time I know more and I am more determined!"

It truly is one of the best motivation tips and Mantras.  I

f you feel it, think it and remind yourself often of it, you can be someone who becomes more resilient. 

You become someone one who uses 'set-backs' to propel you forward, NEVER letting them sink you or keep you down for long.

Now you choose, which will it be: the Mantra or red-tattoos on your shoulders? 

Either way is good!

 "I can never get any of this wrong,
because I'm never done."

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