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120 Re-Calibrate Daily eBook & eMail Tips: Strengthen Mind, Body & Spirit &
Your Own Wellness Support Network

Get stress management help throught my 232 page eBook: 120 Mind, Body and Spirit Stress Management Strategies and daily self motivation tips for the personal side of your professional life.

Build your wellness support network mind, body and spirit habits by strengthening the personal side of your professional life. 

The 120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips  in this Book will help YOU, the busy professional create MORE professional and personal success as you being to MASTER the Wake Up Eager Re-Calibrate Mind, Body & Spirit Daily Habit.


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The PASSWORD is in your book.
It is the last word Tip #5, on page 36.

wellness support network

To Re-Calibrate Daily is a focus on improving "personal" areas in your life, such as: feeling healthy and confident in your body, focusing your time on what matters most to you, setting goals, using your strengths and building your personal and professional relationships/Network.

And, it takes TIME and EFFORT to develop a strong wellness support network and healthy habits.  I know that TIME and EFFORT can be in short supply for busy, time-pressed professionals like yourself.  So that's why I am thrilled to make these 120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips, over 30 hours of training, available in to you in this 'take one-a-day' format!

120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips for Professionals...

Feedback From A Daily Tips Subscriber:

"I'm REALLY enjoying your Daily Tips. Really good good stuff!"

"I appreciate you and your commitment to being your best AND
helping others in the process."

"You are walking your talk Suzie."

Jennifer Whitaker, Executive Coach, Executive Brilliance

Because I know that you are very busy, each Re-Calibrate Mind, Body and Spirit Daily Strategy and  Tip in 120 Stress Management Strategies and Tips is:

  • PACKED with insight and inspiration, reference materials, quizzes, writing exercises, challlenges, and more!
  • Based upon the: 1%-A-Day Exponential Growth Principle** (**Each Tip with take LESS THAN 1% of your time, each day, to read and do.)
  • Along with the purchase of your book, you can activate optional daily email messages, to accompany each daily tip.
  • And even, gasp....we even have FUN together!

** The 1% A Day Exponential Growth Principle:

Taking small Action every day leads to exponential (not linear) growth.

You can strengthen ANY Area of your life, by leaps and bounds, by focusing on that Area for less than 15 minutes a day (1%). And, in 70 days, you'll be twice as good. (You know, the concept of compound interest...right?)

Don’t waste another day, begin applying The 1% A Day Exponential Growth Principle toward strengthening your Re-Calibrate Daily Wellness Support Network and Habits, right now.

You do want to be twice as strong in 70 days, don't you?

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More details and review a 36 page Preview, order via PDF or via Amazon, here.

Get 30 hours of free self motivation techniques training for strenghtening your mind, body, spirit wellness support network & habits with 120 Daily Action Tips.

Book Purchasers: 
Here's How To Activate the Email Tips... 

If you've purchased this book and you're ready to activate the email tips, go to the email Tips sign up page.   The PASSWORD is the last word on page 36, Tip #5.

Side Note if You're Trying to Access the Email Tips Password Page and You Use Internet Explorer 7: Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has a security setting that prevents some scripted (password-type) pages from opening. If this happens to you, in IE7, go to:  Tools > Internet Options > Security, then select the custom level option and enable 'Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows.'  This should get you in so you can sign up for the email tips.

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