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Coaching + TriMetrix = Developing Self Awareness & Effective Leadership

Effective leadership starts with self awareness.  Knowing your strengths, blind spots, growth edges and gaps helps you bring the best of who you are to every situation and ensures that you're bringing out the best in others.  Without self awareness, your ability to motivate and inspire others is limited.  

The fastest and most effective avenue for developing self awareness, and your ability to influence others, is TriMetrixHD Assessment with coaching support.   Without this powerful tool - coaching is just talk...

Unlike most assessment tools that focus on one or two views of who you are as a leader, TriMetrixHD has five linked sciences. This data uncovers many more dimensions of your strengths as a leader. It will also pinpoint the exact focus areas you need to focus on to be more effective, helping chart the quickest path to your goals.

TriMetrixHD was developed specifically for use in the workplace. Not only is it an effective coaching tool, it is both ethical and legal. It has proven accurate in predicting workplace performance, and it is compliant with EEOC rules for employee testing. (Learn more about Assessment Validity, here.)

An optional add-on to coaching and developing self awareness, is a 360 Degree Feedback Survey that we tailor to the behaviors or competencies that match your organization's mission and leadership priorities.  If we are coaching current or aspiring Senior Leaders we often recommend the Executive Presence Index 360 survey.

Our basic Corporate Leadership Coaching Process also includes access to our private, online self-paced Coaching Tools, that include leadership skill building resources in video, audio and mini-workbook formats.   

These tools and our expertise can also be utilized when you need outside assistance to resolve conflict between key employees who are experiencing some type of disconnect in their working relationship. Our proven conflict resolution process to address improves working relationships and reduces the tension often felt by others who are not a part of, but are being impacted by, the conflict.

If New Hire turnover is a concern - review our Getting Them To Stay Process.  This new hire retention and development process, that you can internally facilitate, will help you engage and keep the people you worked so hard to recruit!  It can easily be added to your current on boarding process.

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