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Coaching Senior Leaders & High Potentials -
The Executive Presence Index (ExPI)

The Executive Presence Index (ExPI) Assessment helps Senior Leaders and High Potentials  build presence and influence. It sets leaders who are on a 'larger stage' up for success.

The Executive Presence Index (ExPI) is the first research-based assessment to measure executive presence and influence in leaders.

The ExPI model clarifies Executive Presence as three critical dimensions: Character, Substance, and Style. The multi-rater tool measures perceptions of a leader’s strengths and development areas within 15 distinct facets under these dimensions.

The Executive Presence Index - Takes Executive Presence to a Deeper Level

Executive presence has long been acknowledged as a critical factor in leadership. However, its definition has often been mysterious and subject to diverse perspectives. As a result, leaders have received feedback on presence without a road map for action that connects clearly to business objectives. The default assumption is to equate presence with appearance and presentation skills. While these factors are important, they make up only a small piece of the "executive presence puzzle" that helps leaders sustain goal-directed action in an organization.

The Bates Executive Presence Index™ takes executive presence to a deeper level. Through extensive research in leadership, communications, psychology, and social action theories and literature, we've clarified executive presence as a three-dimensional model of character, substance, and style. Within these dimensions are 15 distinct facets that are proven to make up a leader's overall presence and level of influence.

How does the Bates ExPI™ Assessment work?

The Bates ExPI™ multi-rater assessment tool measures perceptions of the leader’s strengths and development areas within these 15 unique facets. Perceptions of critical stakeholder groups are compared with the leader’s self-perceptions in order to identify strengths and gaps.

The assessment is administered via an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is completed by the individual leader (self-rating), their manager, peers, direct reports, and other groups of critical stakeholders. The assessment contains 90 items and 3 open-ended questions.

The assessment contains 90 items and 3 open-ended questions.

Participants receive a comprehensive feedback report with data on ratings broken down by rater category and at the item-level. All participants receive professional support to review, interpret, and apply feedback reports. Individualized and group-based approaches to feedback are available based upon the indicated needs of sponsoring companies and individual participants.

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