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Executive Presence Series: Part 3 of 4 
Building Self Confidence and Executive Presence:
Looking the Part


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There is a Transcript for This Podcast, find it here: Transcript for Podcast #40

Timing on Recording: @ 5:57  --- Interview with Image Consultant Mark Fonseca

Topic 1: The six factors related to style in the Executive Presence Index survey

  1. Looks healthy and alert, express self with vigor
  2. Voice, tone and mannerisms appropriate to situation
  3. Doesn't show up looking fatigued, poorly dressed or unprepared
  4. Level-appropriate in overall appearance, style
  5. Look the part in formal, informal settings
  6. Aware that dress/demeanor sends a message and sets expectations

Timing on Recording: @ 13:44  ---

Topic 2: The "Blue Jeans" of the business world

  • Start with a great foundational wardrobe
  • Build from there
  • "You don't know what you don't know"

Timing on Recording: @ 19:00  ---

Topic 3: The power of nonverbal communication

  • What message do you want to send?
  • Use color, pattern to convey
  • People will judge (first impression takes 3-5 seconds)
  • You can control what they make up

Timing on Recording: @ 22:45  ---

Topic 4: Mark's advice for established, successful executives

  • Maintain relevance, approachability
  • People are always watching, taking cues

Timing on Recording: @ 25:08  ---

Topic 5: The rules around dress in casual industries

  • Less you wear (i.e. No jacket/tie), higher quality necessary
  • Choose high-quality shoes, accessories
  • Shirt is center stage in business casual world
  • Select dark jeans, shirts with two-button collar

Timing on Recording: @ 30:22  ---

Topic 6: Mark's suggestions for commanding a room

  • Dress one notch above subordinates
  • Understand that life is about relationships

Timing on Recording: @ 33:35  ---

Topic 7: Why executives struggle with exhibiting a level-appropriate appearance and style

  • Don't make the same investment in wardrobe as other areas of life
  • Lack education around formalwear
  • Want to press the "Easy button"

Timing on Recording: @ 42:11  ---

Topic 8: Mark's best tips for professionals who want to up their wardrobe game

  • Find someone whose style you appreciate, ask where they shop
  • Read "Dressing the Man," the Bible of men's clothing
  • Start with one high-quality piece, i.e. Navy or charcoal grey suit, navy/black blazer and dark jeans
  • Pay attention to fit, proportion

Timing on Recording: @ 50:23  ---

Topic 9: How to address looking healthy and alert

  • Cognizant of overall appearance, attitude
  • What you wear can change the way you feel
  • Color and proportion are most important to image

Timing on Recording: @ 54:43  ---

Topic 10: The importance of your LinkedIn profile picture

  • People spend 32% of time looking at pictures
  • Functions as social media's first impression

Timing on Recording: @ 1:10:00  ---  Interview with Image Consultant Anna Hopkins

Topic 11: Anna's take on looking fatigued, poorly dressed and unprepared

  • Reflects inability to manage time, delegate
  • Important for team to have confidence in you
  • Becomes a reflection of character
  • Put on your own oxygen mask first

Timing on Recording: @ 1:22:00  ---

Topic 12: How to remedy looking fatigued and unprepared

  • Use color properly
  • Pay attention to detail (e.g. Polished shoes)
  • Tailor clothes to fit
  • Stay current, get rid of pieces that show age
  • Wardrobe should change with you

Timing on Recording: @ 1:29:40  ---

Topic 13: Anna's process in working with an executive

  • Get to know lifestyle, personality
  • Go through closet, make decisions
  • Replace go-to pieces as necessary
  • Discuss hair, makeup choices
  • Shop with client
  • Put outfits together, take a picture for Look Book
  • Connect client with tailor

Timing on Recording: @ 1:38:57  ---

Topic 14: Anna's thoughts around the awareness that your dress and demeanor sends a message

  • Leaders must do for themselves first
  • Outsource things that are not your strong suit
  • Must be approachable, present when team needs help
  • Good leader has a huge impact on culture, productivity

Timing on Recording: @ 1:45:00  ---

Topic 15: Anna's actionable advice for executives

  • Take time for self-care (i.e. Sleep, exercise, diet)
  • Use your money to facilitate a successful life
  • Bring energy to your team via body language, physical motivation

Timing on Recording: @ 1:49:39  ---

Topic 16: Anna's definition of success

  • Understand priorities, build life accordingly
  • Ripple effect of positive impact on people around you

Connect with Mark Fonseca


Phone: (404) 983-4121

Website: Dress the Man

Connect with Anna Hopkins


Website: The Elevated Image

LinkedIn: Anna Hopkins


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There is a Transcript for This Podcast, find it here: Transcript for Podcast #40

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