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Podcast Episode #39:
Style & Execution

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Overview of Episode #39 --- 

  • All about the Executive Presence dimension: Style and execution.
  • 5 focus areas - Facets to consider for improving your Style and Execution.
  • One area that most impacts your ability to effectively execute.
  • 7 behaviors of leaders who do well in this area.
  • 5 actions you can take.

Timing on Recording: @  4:30 ---

Topic 1: Introduction

  • "When you’re looking in the mirror, you’re looking at the problem. But you’re also looking at the solution"
  • What's covered in this Episode:
    -All about the Executive Presence dimension: Style and execution.
    -Five focus areas - facets to consider for improving your Style and Execution.
    -One area that most impacts your ability to effectively execute.
    -Seven behaviors of leaders who do well in this area.
    -Five actions you can take.
  • Recap of Episode #38, interview with Executive Presence expert Scott Weighart  
  •  What is Executive Presence? 
  • Definition of Executive Presence: The qualities of a leader as seen through the eyes of others that engage, inspire, align & move people to act.  

Timing on Recording: @  6:40 ---

Topic 2: 360 Feedback

  • What is 360 feedback?
  • The feedback you receive from your peers is for YOU. It allows you to think about business goals, themes or objectives that you are trying to meet. “What are my peers trying to tell me?”
  • Reminder of what vulnerability feels like.

Timing on Recording: @  12:45 ---

Topic 3: Think of Senior Leaders and Executives You Have Worked With in the Past

  • Reflection exercise.
  1. Who inspired you? Who did not?
  2. Who caused you to want to take action? Who did not?
  3. Do the “did not” people come to mind easier?     

Timing on Recording: @  16:30 ---

Topic 4: Three Areas That Are Measured in Executive Presence

  • 1) Style and execution.
  • 2) Substance and credibility
  • 3)  Character and trust 
  • Suzanne Bates book – “All the Leader You Can Be, the Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive" Presence.(Available - complimentary copy with a 30 day trial -
  • Definition of Style in Executive Presence: “The word style is commonly used to describe a person’s wardrobe and grooming as in stylish appearance. A more accurate and complete definition of style is a way of doing things.”   Suzanne Bates
  • Five Areas Measured in the Executive Presence Index (360 Degree Feedback tool) in the area of Style and Executiion:
  1. Appearance
  2. Intentionality
  3. Inclusiveness
  4. Assertiveness
  5. Interactivity

Timing on Recording: @  20:00 ---

Topic 5: Appearance

  • Looking and acting like an executive, commanding the room, energy and vigor.
  • How energy plays a part in how you are perceived.
  • Not showing up looking fatigued, poorly dressed or unprepared.

Timing on Recording: @  25:45 ---

Topic 6: Intentionality

  • Your ability to execute, articulate your vision and leave a meeting with a clear course of action.
  • “Become a compass.”

Timing on Recording: @  28:32 ---

Topic 7: Inclusiveness

  • “Inclusiveness is essential to building support for initiative and getting the best of people’s thinking and effort. Inclusive leaders tend to bring a lot of people into the discussion. They are approachable and convey the sense that all views are welcome.”  Suzanne Bates
  • The right balance of inclusiveness.

Timing on Recording: @  31:12 ---

Topic 8: Assertiveness

  • The ability to speak up without being shut down.
  • How to speak up while reflecting confidence and building confidence in others by being direct and forthright.

Timing on Recording: @  34:25 ---

Topic 9: Interactivity

  • How accessible are you? Do you have the right quality or quantity of interaction with people? 
  • Are people able to reach you, see you and connect with you?
  • How well you do in interactivity impacts a lot of other area within the Executive Presence picture.
  • Interactivity is about free-flowing exchange of information.
  1. You are not rushed, you are not impersonal. 
  2. You find the right balance. 
  3. You pay attention to what is being said, as well as what is not being said.   
  4. You are seen as approachable.
  • If you are doing interactivity well, your calendar is filled with communication activity because you see it as a priority.
  • Conflict. Do you allow it to simmer? Or do you have a discussion?    

Timing on Recording: @  41:00 ---

Topic 10: Five Actions You Can Take to Improve Interactivity

  • Figure out how you can be less formal with people and more available.
  • Think about who you regularly meet with and work with. Look at your calendar; can you allocate your time differently?
  • Get feedback on how you conduct meetings. Are you having effective meetings?

        Episode #7: Better Meetings

  • Check your listening skills. Are you listening deeply?

        Episode #27: Listen

  • How strong is your ability to handle conflict? Do you avoid it? 

        Episode #35: Conflict

Timing on Recording: @  50:05 ---

Topic 11: Closing Thoughts

  • When you’re looking in the mirror, you’re looking at the problem. But you’re also looking at the solution.
  • All feedback is not about us, but all feedback is for us.
  • Your job is to grow and expand and become the best that you could be, the next better version of yourself.

There is a Transcript for This Podcast, find it here: Transcript for Podcast #39

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Episode #38 Executive Presence – An Interview with Bates Communication's Scott Weighart

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