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Seven Stages of Growth X-ray for CEO's

Are you bogged down in day-to-day disruptions? Are you spending all of your time chasing surface issues?  Have you executed on issues and projects  that people aren’t fully bought into, and as a result some projects feel like you're pulling a 10-ton boulder up a hill?  Do you believe that if you just work harder, keep focusing on what worked yesterday, that you'll get ahead?  Do you wonder if you're focused on the RIGHT things, how to predict  and plan for how growth will impact your company and how to identify growth issues before they set in? 

If so, apply the reliable and validated Seven Stages of Growth Model and our Growth X-Ray assessment to YOUR business. This model, tool and our consulting expertise will help you be more focused and proactive.  It will reveal the EXACT best timing and the best actions to take to improve performance and profits, going forward.  Learn more from our Strategic Partner the Oval Group.  

Let us help you identify the hidden agents that are (or could in the future) prohibit your company's growth.  We will help you pinpoint the specific issues that are or could impede your growth. We'll work closely with you, and your organizational leaders, to help you solve each issue with a targeted plan.  You will no longer struggle with confusion, worry or concern around whether you are taking the right steps for your company's future.                                          

If you would like to learn more about how the Seven Stages of Growth Model and how our X-ray Tool can help you lead your organization into greater success, let Priceless Professional Development's Strategic Partners Steve Graham and Dobbie Newman from the Oval Group, help you. 

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