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Win at Work Like Baseball's 2011 Rookie of the Year: How to Improve Confidence & Swagger

Do you know how to improve confidence and swagger at work?  How strong is your confidence in yourself on the job?

If you're always reaching for more personal and professional expansion, it's normal for your confidence to dip as you grow into your next role. But it's also very important to always notice where you are confidence-wise, in your job, and to take action to continually improve it. 

Having high confidence and role awareness matters.

What High Role Awareness Looks Like & Why It Matters...

Here's what I noticed about high role awareness, personal accountability, self-management skills and swagger at an Atlanta Braves game - it's why knowing how to improve confidence at work is so important...

I don't know a lot about baseball, but while at a game on September 4, 2011 I found it easy to predict that the Atlanta Braves would stop their weekend losing streak against the Dodgers.

How did I know the Braves would win?  We were sitting close to the field, right behind home plate.  I could see the players really well.  When I watched Braves Relief Pitcher Craig Kimbrel walk to the pitcher's mound at the top of the ninth, I knew the Braves would win. 

I could see up close and center the true swagger, confidence, calm and "knowing" presence that Kimbrel brought to the pitcher's mound. He dominated the Field.

In his every move he radiated a 'vibe' that said, "I'm really good at this, and I am going to strike you out!" And he did.

I did not know baseball stats or even who each of the players were, but I do know what really highrole awareness, job engagement, personal accountability and self-management skills looks, feels like, and how it positively impacts performance. And Craig Kimbrel had "it".

His clear thinking and confident attention, plus his internal (mental and emotional) and external (physical) harmony and 'oneness' with his "job" (which is what very high role awareness, personal accountability, self-management skills and job engagement is) led to him being named the 2011 National League Rookie of the Year, taking all 32 first place votes. He's the first pitcher in the history of the Award to be a unanimous winner. Kimbrel had 127 strikeouts in 2011, the third-most ever for a rookie reliever.

See him in action in this video created by a devoted fan, titled
Craig Kimbrel The Human Rocket:

We Are in the Game of Business Which is Different from Baseball,  But There Are Many Similarities

While I assume you are not playing baseball for your career and you are not in the game of baseball, you ARE in the "game" of business. 

You have a different playing field, but similar challenges:

  • You have competitors you want to win against.
  • You want your clients to be your fans.
  • You want to bring your "A" game into every meeting, proposal and interaction.

If you focus on how to improve confidence and swagger at work and you become someone who's like Kimbrel: you will have high role awareness, personal accountability, self-management skills and job engagement, which means that you are:

  • Internally energized and 'in harmony' with your work. 
  • Proud of what you do and you positively identify with it.
  • Eager, confident and engaged.
  • So confident in your role that you feel comfortable taking decisive action in uncertain situations.
  • Resilient and you bounce back quickly from stress and setbacks.
  • A good manager of your time and resources, and you are a self-starter.

How to Improve Confidence and Swagger at Work

how to improve confidence

We want the swagger of someone like Craig Kimbrel, and we often hope that the journey to having more of "it" will be something "new" and "interesting."  But, in my experience with myself and with others, what it takes to get "there" isn't really new, but it can be interesting. 

Building high role awareness, personal accountability, self-management skills and job engagement takes good old fashioned awareness, focus, practice and dedication.

STEP #1: The first 'how to improve confidence and swagger' step:

What is your current level of role awareness and job engagement, today, now? How much confidence and swagger do you really feel? Not the fake bravado and false energy of bragging, but an innate sense of YOU knowing and embracing your place in the world of work as valuable and good.

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 (not true at all) to 5 (totally true) around these statements:

  • "I love my work."
  • "I love who I am in my work."
  • "I like my work it does me good."
  • "I am fully present in my work. I do good work."

Just being aware of how important it is to feel good about yourself in your work, is a really good start toward assessing your current status.

STEP #2: The second 'how to improve confidence and swagger' step:

See, I told you it was not anything fancy, or new!! Once you know where you are (Step 1) start doing something every day that help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Check out this Complimentary: How to Build Confidence PDF Workbook - Six Self-Guided Coaching Exercises

What's Your Building Confidence and Swagger Success Secret OR Struggle?

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