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Episode #117: Soulful Listening — Ignite Untapped Potential at Work and Beyond with Terri Lonowski

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In this episode of the Wake Up Eager Workforce podcast, I interview Terri Lonowski on the transformative power of "soulful listening." Terri, a communication visionary, shares insights on how listening deeply and being present can significantly impact personal and professional relationships.

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Overview of Episode #117 --- 

  • Why Soulful Listening Matters
  • What 'Presence-ing Yourself' Means 
  • Five Steps to Creating Real Conversation with Anyone

Drawing from her own experiences and the influence of her grandmother Helga, Terri introduces a holistic approach to listening that can unlock untapped potential in the workplace and beyond. The episode delves into the five key elements of soulful listening: self-care, becoming fully present, quantum listening, inspired action, and the feedback loop.

Terri's engaging storytelling and practical tips offer a refreshing perspective on fostering meaningful connections and improving communication.

In this episode:

[00:04:55] Soulful Listening: A holistic approach to deeper connection and communication, inspired by Terri's grandmother Helga.

[00:09:28] Becoming Fully Present: Essential for truly connecting with others.

[00:12:34] Self-Care: Foundation for quality communication and listening.

[00:15:53] Quantum Listening: A blend of active listening and empathy.

[00:17:40] Inspired Action: Taking meaningful actions based on listening.

[00:19:54] Feedback Loop: Ensuring the continuity of communication and action.

[00:26:44] Terri shares story of couple fully embracing soulful listening and having their best conversations during difficult period in their lives.

[00:33:15] Practical Applications: How these principles can be applied in personal and professional settings to create high-performing, low-drama teams.

[00:44:26] Personal Impact: Terri shares a powerful story about her son Jacob, illustrating the life-changing effects of soulful listening.

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Nobody’s Listening and It’s Killing Us! | Terri Lonowski | TEDxWestMonroe

Emotional Intelligence: What It Is, Why It Is So Essential, And How We Can Increase It

Box Breathing Tool

Connect with Terri:


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