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Podcast Episode #25: Using the Power of Relational Presence to Engage & Influence

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Overview of Episode #25 ---

  • An interview with Speech and Presentation Coach Eric Atwood.
  • All about a little known leadership and communication skill: Relational Presence.   What it is, why it matters and how to develop it.

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Timing on Recording: @ 1:35  ---

Topic 1: My First Remembered Experience of Relational Presence

Timing on Recording: @  8:10 ---

Topic 2: What is Relational Presence, Why Do You Care About It?  Why Should Leaders Care

Timing on Recording: @ 31:06 ---

Topic 3:  How Does Somebody Get Better At This?  What Gets in the Way?

Timing on Recording: @  50:20 ---

Topic 4:  If a Leader Says, "That's too soft..." What Do you Say In Response?  What Changes Have you Seen?  What Does it Mean "to Be Witnessed?

Timing on Recording: @ 1:04:16 ---

Topic 5:  Eric's Billboard,  Advice to His 25/30 Year Old Self and Last Bit of Advice, Suzie Recap, Contact Info

Suzie's Recap of Eric's comments about Relational Presence: 

  • Eric reminds us to think about how we are relating to people, & that how we are being with people matters more that the words and content we use, those things are not what people remember, and by themselves are not what make people want to work for you and with you…

AWESOME Eric Quotes:

  • "Sometimes the most influence you can have is when you invite people into the conversation."
  • "Your presence really matters."
  • "Be fully present."
  • "Speak from your heart, not just from your mind."
  • "Words are just a small part of how we express ourselves."
  • "The best way to engage with people is to be real with others and relate-able."
  • "The most powerful way to connect with someone is to just be yourself."
  • "Be yourself in every interaction."
  • "Be aware of how you are being with people."
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