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How to Boost Self Confidence & Find
Courage in the Face of Setbacks:
One Year Ago Survey &
YOUR Self Confidence Tips

Do you know how to boost self confidence and find courage when things look bleak and you're facing set backs?

See how others are doing from one year ago, get self confidence building tips and share your own experience and advice.

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Setbacks From One Year Ago...

  • The stock market crashed; the Dow Jones industrial average shed 777 points on Sept. 29, 2008, the biggest one-day point decline ever.
  • Jane, a retired friend, "My investments have tanked, oh lord what am I going to do?"
  • Ken, a small business owner, "My team's sucking the life out of me and my company,"
  • Me, @ my consulting business,
  • "I'm not inspired. I know I want to do this work, but differently. There's something else..."

Today... One year Later

  • The stock market and business climate is making progress. We've not gone into a depression and there's more hope, than not, for businesses and careers.
  • Jane's investments have rebounded. She's been able to move her money around. She's taken on a new, and surprisingly life-giving part-time job that she loves.
  • Ken fired his troublesome employees, hired people who were a better fit and found a new product to promote. His business is moving ahead in more peace and focus.
  • I'm re-energized about my work. I'm developing online tools, resources and more, for leaders - tying together personal, with professional development.

What about you?
Has anything changed for you over the past year?

Share, below. Results are compiled anonymously.
No one else will see your answers.

As you answer these questions, reflect upon where you were and what you were doing in the September/October 2008 time frame.

What was happening at work? What was going on at home?
How you were feeling about the news, your life and your future?
Compare how you were feeling then to what's happening for you today
as you answer these questions...

How I'm Doing One Year Later...

Please enter the word that you see below.


Survey Results as of 10.30.09:

  1. 'Things' changed at work or at home due to the market turmoil.
    • True for me. 75.0% (42)
    • False for me. 25.0% (14)
  2. If is #1 is TRUE: I believe the changes are going to be good in the long run, overall.
    • True for me. 73.1% (38)
    • False for me. 26.9% (14)
  3. Compared to one year ago, my personal life is:
    • Happier, more fulfilling, better. 57.1% (32)
    • The same, no change. 33.9% (19)
    • Worse or harder. 8.9% (5)
  4. Compared to one year ago, my career and professional life is:
    • Happier, more fulfilling, better. 50.0% (28)
    • The same, no change. 35.7% (20)
    • Worse or harder. 14.3% (8)

Total: 56 respondents

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Others who found self confidence and courage when dealt setbacks...

How To Boost Self Confidence, Remember:
"It's never done, so I can never get it wrong. I am always Loved and Valued. My past informs my future. It helps me become clearer and more focused about what I want to create now."

---Wake Up Eager Mindset Essential

YOUR Advice:

Share YOUR 'how to boost self confidence and courage in the face of setbacks' Advice with others.

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YOUR 'How to Boost Self
Confidence & Courage in the Face of
Setbacks Advice' HERE:

Imagine that one of your friends is suffering from a setback.
They've come to you. You want to boost their
self confidence and courage. What advice do you share?

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Self Confidence Tip: Make a List... Not rated yet
This nice little 'trick' works every time. Don't dismiss it because it's simple. It can change your entire mindset and help you move forward quicker... …

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Think of your ultimate goal. Then think of someone you really respect. How do they inspire you? What types of words of wisdom do they provide to you? …

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Redirect your focus, think about your dreams and do something around them. Energy will return and good things will happen. This happened to a friend …

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The most difficult thing about facing tough times is the uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring. Economic troubles are notorious for this type …

Self Confidence Tip: My Pep Talk Not rated yet
Here's my pep talk...listen closely: Focus on your achievements rather than your failures. If you don't you'll find yourself thinking about how you failed. …

My Self Confidence Tip: Pay Attention To What Matters. Not rated yet
My son gave me the best self confidence tip ever. It came when I was at my lowest, and has helped me every day since. The past few months has been devastating …

Self Confidence Tip: Peptalks and clothes! Not rated yet
My advice, my best boosting self confidence tip, is to just do everything you can do be successful. How you look and how you feel is everything! Pep talks …

Self Confidence Tip: It's Your Life, and You're In Control Not rated yet
About a year ago, I lost my job. I fell into an emotional slump; I felt useless. No job, no income, and two kids to support. I would have been doomed, …

Self Confidence Tip: Vision Board & Reflection Not rated yet
I encourage everyone to create a "vision board." It's a wonderful boost of confidence when you start seeing what you are working for start happening. …

Self Confidence Tip: Negatives Can Become Positives Not rated yet
Earlier this year, I was told I would not be needed for as many hours at my job because there just wasn't enough work. At first, it made me feel terrible, …

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Other Wake Up Eager resources for when you could use additional support and reminders to take care of you. A healthy, happy and confident YOU is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

Setbacks Happen. Failure is Optional.

The road to a full and joyous Wake Up Eager life can be rocky at times.

When things look bad, or are bad, it can be hard to think that there could be a brighter day ahead. Watch this inspiring and heartwarming video of a family that's on its way up from the biggest setback of all...

They are going to make it,
one step at a time,
one thought at a time,
one experience at a time.
"We're on the way up..."

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh

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