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The Workplace Motivators Assessment -
A Quiz for Self Esteem and More Confidence...

The Workplace Motivators Assessment is just like a quiz for self esteem and self confidence.  This Assessment will help you do MORE of what energizes, motivates and interests you, and LESS of what drains you.  It will help you understand WHY you do what you do, and WHY others do what they do.

quiz for self esteem workplace motivators

As a Consultant and Professional Facilitator I've been exposed to many, many, many assessments over the past 25 years.  Out of all the Assessments I've taken,studied and taught, the Workplace Motivators Assessment is rated as one of my top three.  

The Workplace Motivators Assessment is so valuable because it explains WHY we do what we do. Once you have your results and you begin to understand the six motivators and what your top two motivators are.  Armed with this insight you'll know:

  • Why you feel energized around certain activities and stressed about others
  • Why some people 'bug the snot out of you' and others are 'so easy to be around'
  • Why you hated 'that job' (when everyone else thought you should be happy and grateful...) and felt so burned out
  • Why certain actions feel "right" for you, and others don't interest you at all
  • Why other people do what they do. You'll feel more appreciation for the differences between yourself and others.

The foundation for the Workplace Motivators Assessment was initially developed in the early 1900's - based upon a science that measures your personal interests, attitudes and values.  Your top motivators have been influenced by nature (you were born with certain interests, talents and drives) and by nurture (you were influenced by your environment to embrace or reject certain interests and drives).

Once you know what your top two motivators are you can focus there, spending time more time doing those things.  And, as you do that, your energy and self esteem grows stronger, and stronger.  (That's why I refer to this Assessment as a quiz for self esteem and more self confidence.)

Quiz for Self Esteem ->Six Motivators - Look for Your Top Two...

Column 1 includes a list of all six motivators.  Column 2 is a general description of what the person with this motivator is most naturally interested in.  Column 3 provides famous and general examples of people with this motivator and drive. 

Your top two are what most drives and motivates you.

Workplace Motivator







Greatest Interest & Passion

"The Learner"
A Passion for Knowledge

"The Business Person"
A Passion for Business and Making Money

"The Power

A Passion for Leading, Being Out Front and is Charismatic


A Passion for Service, Coaching and Helping Others

"Process and Order"
A Passion for Making Sure People Follow Order and Structure

"Balanced and

A Passion for Creativity, Beauty and Pleasant Environments


Albert Einstein,
Wake Up Eager Professors, Journalists & Philosophers

Donald Trump,
Wake Up Eager Sales People, Business Owners, Investors

Bill Clinton,
Wake Up Eager Professional Speakers, Politicians & Entrepreneurs

Mother Teresa,
Wake Up Eager Coaches, Counselors, Care-Takers

Wake Up Eager CFO's, Human Resource Execs, Lawyers

Walt Disney,
Wake Up Eager Architects & Designers, Photographers, Artists

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