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The Workplace Motivators Assessment -
A Quiz for Self Esteem and Confidence...
8 Ways It Helps & a Free Test

quiz for self esteem - workplace motivators

On page 1 of this Workplace Motivators - Quiz for Self Esteem - article I shared the six top motivators, and that knowing what your top two motivators are builds confidence and motivation. 

On Page 2 I'll share 8 ways this assessment helps you gain and build more energy and provide access to a free paper quiz download.

8 Ways Workplace Motivators Serves as Your 'Quiz for Self Esteem and Confidence' and A Free Paper Test

These 8 ways that workplace motivators helps you comes from my own experience.  All of these results are things I've, and others I've worked with, have experienced.  This is truly one of the best tools for building confidence, here's why.  With this knowledge:

  • #1)  You will judge yourself LESS and embrace what motivates and interests you MORE. This helps you compare yourself and to try do what others do, less and less.  
  • #2)  You will better understand the people around you.   You will find that you feel LESS tension and judgment about differences.  Knowing your top two Motivators helps reinforce that everyone has their own talents and gifts.
  • #3) You will pay LESS attention to people who are judgmental of you or who do not understand you.  If others don't understand why you want to do what you do, they either don't have the same workplace motivators as you do, or they're just unsure of themselves.
    With clear knowledge about YOUR motivators and what YOU need to be happy, you'll be less concerned about others opinion of you.
  • #4) When you're stressed out, you will know why! 9 times out of 10 times your stress comes from taking action that is out of sync with your top motivators and interests.  When you know the source of the tension, you can relax more and make appropriate changes. You'll feel less like a victim and more empowered, because YOU will know what to do!
  • #5) Allow yourself to do more of what really interests and energizes you, and I let the rest go... You don't need to be like others. They have their motivators and you have yours.  Knowing your true motivators will make you clearer about your priorities and where you want to focus, which helps you let other, less meaningful activities and distractions go. You'll be happier and more energetic as a result.
  • #6) You'll understand past career mistakes, errors, frustrations.  When motivators are not aligned between a job and the person, work is not fulfilling.   Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to let past 'mistakes go'  and move more confidently into the future.
  • #7) You'll know what work projects to outsource and what to keep in-house.  Your motivators, the quiz for self esteem, results will help you better outsource activities that are draining to you to people who will thrive in the doing of those things.
  • #8) Work will feel more like play. With this knowledge you can re-orient your work and personal time to more closely align with your key motivators - the line between work and play will blur. You'll feel more natural joy, ease, energy and happiness.

've provided for you a  free version of this wonderful Workplace Motivators quiz for self esteem.  While the results will not be scientific and detailed, you can at least start thinking more clearly about your top two motivators.  Download the free paper Motivators, Quiz for Self Esteem.

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