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How to Boost Self Confidence Tips: You Can Do It

by Ethan

Once in my life, I went through a terrible experience.

I had invested in a business and hoped to get very good profit but I discovered later that I had been defrauded.

That money was all I had to run my business and I had no hope of getting out of that ordeal again.

I felt like my life was coming to a stand still, I was getting depressed.

Then an old friend of mine told me,
"When you look back, you will most likely realize that the most part of your life has been filled with disappointment, except at different degrees, and you have risen out of them all."

"Each disappointment makes you stronger and you never fall in the same trap again. 'Pressure makes diamond, they say."

"This is just another one of those disappointments, except at a level you've never experienced before."

"So rise up, put it behind you and soldier on.
Be the 'diamond' that has been made from this experience.'"

Those words stuck on my mind and gave me the strength to move on and never look back.

So if you feel low because you've suffered a setback, think of what my old friend told me, be the diamond and move on.

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