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The Best Workout Inspiration Resources for Finding Motivation & Keeping It!

Finding workout inspiration is crucial to making exercise a regular part of your day and life. Making daily movement a regular part of your daily life is crucial to Waking Up Eager and for ongoing leadership and sales success.

That 's why this statement: "I enjoy exercising my body regularly" is one of the Wake Up Eager Habits: Re-Calibrate Daily Statements/Actions in our free quiz.

workout inspiration cardio coach

I've written about how I lost (and then regained) daily motivation for exercising regularly and taking care of myself here.

I really have no excuse to not workout. I have a gym at home. It has everything: weights & weight racks, numerous workout machines, cardio equipment, rubber floor and tons of exercise videos.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say that at times I've used the excuse, "I don't have time."

What I've learned about myself, and I believe all of us, is that what we need to create the exercise habit is not extra time or the right equipment or a gym. What we really need is workout inspiration. If we can get that into place, everything else we need will materialize for us.

Here are the resources that have helped me get and keep my workout inspiration.

My Favorite Workout Inspiration Resources

Best Book

Best Book: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: This ebook has been my exercise and nutrition bible. It gave me the knowledge and workout inspiration I needed to get moving again.

It is truly a helping hand, one that I needed so that I could get back to moving my body and exercising consistently, again.

workout inspiration Burn the Fat

On a dreary winter Sunday afternoon I was moping around my house, feeling crummy and saying over and over again to myself, "Where or where has my workout inspiration gone? I wish I could find it..." You know what whining looks and sounds like? Well that's what I was doing.

I began searching Google for workout inspiration. I knew I'd found something good when I saw all the positive reviews about this book. I immediately printed it out. My heart soared, and my natural desire to move my body re-awakened as I soaked up writer Tom Venuto's practical and motivational advice. I'm so glad I found this book. Here's why it's so good:

  • It's jam-packed cover to cover with all the fat loss methods previously only known by bodybuilders.
  • He explains why 95% of all diets fail and shows you what to do about it. He shows you how to eat so that you get lean and have the energy to workout.
  • There are thousands of insights, based on science, around how to burn fat and how to stay fit.
  • He has an entire section on body type classification. I'd never seen this before. It really helped me understand exactly what my body type needs to be fit.
  • His insights on how to boost your energy levels is practical, and it works.
  • How to determine your true ideal weight.
  • He isn't 'hyping' any pill, supplement or magazine or fitness gadget - so the information is unbiased, direct and honest.
  • Not one, but FOUR weight training programs designed to fit your schedule and experience level - plus a "conservative" routine for "time-crunched" people who can't train as often as they'd like to - YOU pick the routine you want; it's all mapped out for you day by day.
  • Fat-slashing cardio routines that are very effective and will help burn the most fat, the fastest.
  • He has a very strong section on the psychology of fitness. His goal setting and workout inspiration tactics will help program your subconscious mind for success.
  • There's so much more in this book, that I could go on, and on. But I won't...hopefully I've shared enough already that you've gotten the gist of how good it is.

In a nutshell he ties together exercise, fitness, food, mindset and support in a practical, well-researched easy to implement format.

workout inspiration - burn the fat

The only downside is that this guy is intense. And that's only a downside, if intense is a turn-off for you. For me, his intensity helped pull me along and helped me pre-pave my mind, heart and body for success. I use the knowledge in this book as the basis for getting my fitness back and keeping my own workout inspiration revved up.

If you like intense, and you want a lifetime road map for eating, living and fitness - THIS is the book. Check it out here. If you like audio, the author has these MP3's for sale. Check out the audio product here. If you end up reading BFFM, be sure to let me know what you think at my TalkBack Forum Page, here.

Best Video DVD/Download Workouts

workout inspiration

Best Video DVD/Download Workout: Cathe. I have almost all of Cathe's fitness videos. Over the years I've worked out with her so much I almost feel like we're friends. That's kind of sad, isn't it?

She's awesome! Having via her professional video workouts is just like having your own daily personal trainer, but with great convenience and less expense! You don't need a home gym to use these Workouts, you just need some hand weights and enough space to move around.

Her videos are professionally produced. She's tough, personable, positive and uncompromising... just like a good leader should be. I like that she's close to my age (in her 40's) and extremely fit. A great role model.

The Cathe website is chock full of free resources, tools with a very active forum of other like-minded people. The FREE workout manager on her site helps me track my workouts. The advice, commentary and support offered in the her forums is free, fun and encouraging.

Another great workout inspiration: Cathe. Check her out.

RECAP: Favorite Resources
for Ongoing Workout Inspiration:

Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Book gives me solid research, insight, knowledge and a million-and-one tips for building confidence, understanding and a steady focus.

And Cathe's my day-to-day workout inspiration coach, fitness trainer and partner.

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