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Re-Calibrate Daily: Managing My Body 

As a kid daily motivation and 'raring to go' energy was natural - wasn't it? You just felt good in your body, and you took that  "I feel good, I am good" confident energy with you every where you went!  Didn't you?

Life felt interesting and fun.  Most of the time you were not thinking about looking fat, being out of shape or not looking good enough.  If you've temporarily lost that feeling - use some of the tips and information to get back to that natural state of feeling good and confident in your body.

This is a reminder to spend time every day focusing on and improving your physical well-being and confidence. This includes a focus on eating well, being fit, getting enough sleep and feeling confident and comfortable in your body.

"The perfect man of old looked after himself before looking after others." Chuang Tzu

Five Statements (Actions) for Daily Motivation:

If someone has strong daily motivation and focus in this area they confidently agree with the five statements below. (These are the five Managing My Mind Items on the free Re-Calibrate Daily Quiz.)

If you're not able to strongly agree with any one of the statements, just click on the link and you can review my Resource Article about that Item.

120 Stress Management Strategies and
Daily Tips for
Developing This Area.

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My Own 'Loss' of Daily Motivation to Manage My Body Journey

daily motivation for fitness cartoon

In my early 40's I was busy running my Consulting Practice. I was so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, I'd stopped taking care of me. Losing track of your own self care is easy to do. I lost track, even though I'd been a fitness fanatic inn my 20's and 30's, when exercise, healthy food and rest were the norm for me.

I just stopped doing the daily self care things that matter, and that add up! Before too long my clothes felt tight.

I started to feel frumpy, dowdy and sluggish. I found that had less motivation and energy to do all the things that I wanted to do.

I'd taken my eye off of taking care of the basics - me! I ask you (and I asked myself, then):

"How can we lead and sell effectively, how can we motivate and inspire others, if we're not physically strong, mentally resilient and emotionally sure? If we're not fully in charge of our own physical life, if we aren't managing our bodies well, how can we inspire others?"

I'm happy to say that I got back to healthier habits and routines, and to taking time to take care of my physical Self so I can feel good in my body.  

It's an ever-unfolding journey that requires ongoing attention, but I'm here to tell you that it is possible to rediscover feelings of physical confidence and strength. If you've found yourself, like me, having let your focus on YOU slip, you can get "It" back!  It takes ongoing focus and determination to get "It" and keep "It". Also, it's important to remember that others are not focused on helping you keep your daily motivation around managing your body.

If you want to improve in this area YOU will need to make YOU a priority. No one else will do that for you.

daily motivation and focus

I've found my healthy habits again, but 

My Favorite Workout and a Fun Video...

daily motivation cathe

In the ReCalibrate Quiz statements for Managing My Body I share numerous fitness tools that I use, and that help me stay focused and engaged. This is my absolute, forever, always-return-to-again-and-again favorite: Cathe.Com Fitness Videos and Fitness Forum.

CATHE MAKES FITNESS FUN!  Watch these guys having fun and moving! It doesn't even look like exercise. They are proof that you can find the fun in movement.

How the heck did they do this? Enjoy! And then, get moving!!!

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