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To Build Your Wake Up Eager Life - You Must Re-Calibrate Daily 

To RE-CALIBRATE DAILY is a focus on taking time every day to realign and strengthen your Inner Self -  the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life.  Your Self View impacts every decision and action, in every area of your life.  When you are out of balance within, it's reflected outward.  

MEASURE HOW YOU ARE DOING: Take one minute to complete our complimentary quiz to assess how you're doing.

What Does it Mean to Re-Calibrate Daily?

Simply put, to master this Habit is to spend time EVERY day tuning into these three types of personal care motivation areas to determine if you are on- or off-track with your intentions.

Not taking time to re-calibrate in each of these different type of motivation areas can lead to: stress, dread, illness, weight gain, loneliness, loss of purpose, being blind-sighted by problems and feelings of emptiness

Re-Calibrating Daily is you understanding that the way you best serve others is by strengthening every part of who you are by giving "oxygen" to your life in each of these personal development areas. If you want to help others when 'the plane is going down' (or any time when your leadership is needed) you must put YOUR oxygen mask on first.

If you Re-Calibrate Daily you create routines and practices that help you make 'course corrections' along the way, so that you notice when you are out of alignment early-on and can make incremental changes.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."
Anne Lamott

How Do You Re-Calibrate Daily?

This website is devoted to resources and tools for developing this Habit. The top focus areas for this Habit are: Assessment and Daily Strengthening in Mind, Body and Spirit.

To discover more about this Habit:

  • Review the Re-Calibrate Daily Quiz items and helpful tips for improving in each area, here.
  • Get 120 Mind, Body and Spirit tips and eBook, here. 
  • Consider Wake Up Eager Leader coaching with us.  More details, here.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary

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