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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wednesday Tips

Self Confidence Tip: Take Steps to Follow your dreams

by Sam
(Tyler, Texas)

Redirect your focus, think about your dreams and do something around them. Energy will return and good things will happen.

This happened to a friend of mine. He was laid off. He'd been working very long hours, lots of overtime & was not happy, but was afraid to quit & look for something else.

I encouraged him when he got laid off to follow his dreams of writing. He's always wanted to become a writer, but never had the time. Now he has all the time in the world. I told him to look at it as a blessing in disguise.

I emailed him information on writing groups & local classes, even signed him up for a weekend writers retreat.

Since then he's taken a few classes at the community college and is currently working on his first book. This is so cool!

I really believe if he had not been laid off he NEVER would've followed his dreams.

So even though it would've been easy for him to become depressed & stressed out I feel he's re-directed his focus in the direction of his dreams, and actually doing what he wants to do.

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