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Self Confidence Tip: Don't Worry, Things WILL Work Out

by Teri Lynn
(Iowa, USA)

About two months ago, I was called into the office at work to speak with my boss and his boss.

I was told I was being let go at the end of the month due to cutbacks. I was absolutely shocked and worried. I was working a full-time job so I could pay my bills.

What would happen when I didn't have a job anymore? The day after going to a job interview I had a feeling I had bombed, my coworker sent me an email.

It stated that God knew I was down on my luck, and He was ready to help me out. I just had to be ready. I didn't have to forward the email if I didn't want to, but I figured I might as well.

Three hours later I received a call for another interview.

Well, guess what? It's now been one month since I started working at that place, and I love it.

That email showed me that having faith is what I needed at that moment even though I was in a situation that felt hopeless.

So even when it gets bad, just remember to keep your faith. It may surprise you where it gets you!

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