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The Wake Up Eager Formula for More Motivation in the Workplace

If you want to stress less (who doesn't?) you MUST KNOW EXACTLY what your top strengths and talents are, then USE them every day.   

And, your top strengths and talents are MORE than your background and experience - they are also intangible things like what you're most interested in and your top personal traits. They are things that come naturally to you, they feel intrinsically satisfying when you do them and the "put gas in your tank" - ie: energize and motivate you.

We'd love for you to use  this page to learn more about your top interests, strengths and talents from your Talent Insights Assessment results OR to learn about your top interests from your participation in Suzie Price's, Motivating Your Self, Motivating Your Workforce workshop and keynote talk.

The first step is to understand that YOUR STRENGTHS MATTER!  They are key to the Wake Up Eager Formula.  It all starts with you knowing, and then consciously using, your top strengths and talents every day.

Remember, your top two motivators are your top interests, strengths, preferences, where you thrive, what energizes you and what "puts gas in your tank"(Your number six motivator, is the area you are least interested in.) 

With this information about yourself and others, you can create more motivation in the workplace.

The Motivators Guide...

Learn more about your top two interests and motivators by reviewing this Workplace Motivators Guide.  

If you have a completed assessment, you will also want to keep in mind how far above or below the population mean you scored.

  • If you're far above population mean, that area is crucial to your energy and life satisfaction.
  • If you scored a motivator as #6 - it is a low interest and not something you want to do all day, every day. That area may not make sense to you, in fact it might even annoy you. Of course, with understanding you can be better able to manage your annoyance!

See links to the individual sections of the Motivators Guide, here.

In our keynote workshop we share strengths research, the three 'What's My Why' questions, the six top interests exercise and and five key interview questions. 
Get the keynote workshop handout here.

If you do not have an assessment, but participated in one of Suzie's talks and took part in the Top Interests exercise, see the chart below to map your potential top interest to the motivators in the assessment.

Use the listing below as a reference, as you review the Motivators Guide.

Top Interests Exercise from Suzie's Motivators Keynote Workshop
  • If you selected Learning as your #1 or #2 - your top Motivator may be: Theoretical/Knowledge
  • If you selected Results as your #1 or #2 - your top Motivator may be: Utilitarian/Economic
  • If you selected Service as your #1 or #2 - your top Motivator may be: Social/Altruistic
  • If you selected Balance as your #1 or #2 - your top Motivator may be: Aesthetic
  • If you selected Power as your #1 or #2 - your top Motivator may be: Individualistic/Political
  • If you selected Process as your #1 or #2 - your top Motivator may be: Traditional/Regulatory

Workplace Motivators Flash Card...

Gain easy to reference insight around strength tendencies, what to provide, what you most want, words that work, blind spots and stressors.

Download this one page, two-sided Workplace Motivators Flash Card for quick reminders and tips for each motivator. 

Chapters in the Workplace Motivators Guide...

If you don't want to download the full Motivators Guide, review the sections of most interest to you, here:

  1. Review, Reminders and Research
  2. Merging My Top Two - What It Means...
  3. Career Clues for What Makes Me Happy
  4. Favorite Reading Material for Each Motivator
  5. Favorite  Television Shows for Each Motivator
  6. Focus Areas and Preferences
  7. Stressors and Dis-satisfiers
  8. Finding a Hobby That Rejuvenates Me
  9. Donations That Seem "Right" to Me...
  10. What I Can Overdo
  11. Words The Work: Relationship Building Tips

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