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More Motivation in the Workplace:

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Focus and Tendencies

Get more motivation in the workplace by better understanding how to use your Workplace Motivators Assessment results.

Reminder: All motivators are considered equally valuable - one is not inherently better than another. (Though, usually, if it's our top motivator we tend to think it is the "right way" to do things and "the best" way to focus.)

The quiz for self esteem - Workplace Motivator assessment measures what energizes us; our soul spirit intentions. We did not all intend to be Mother Teresa or Ghandi - but we did all intend to bring our creations to the world.

And the key to your creation, the value, strength, energy and inspiration you planned to bring to the world lies in your top two motivators.

So, I encourage you, drop your judgment of what's 'right.' Take a look at each of your top areas and remember the value and love we bring to each interaction is defined by each person. We can be self or objective-focused in, for example, our studies (like Albert Einstein) and bring great value to the world.

Use this information to guide yourself to more motivation in the workplace and more empowered, high energy, add-value-to-the-world-in-my-own-special-way wake up eager days!

How Each Motivator Will Focus

"The Learner's 
Passion for

"The Business 
Person's Soul"

Passion for Business & Making Money

"The Power 
Player's Soul"
Passion for Leading, 
Being in Front

  • Self Focus
  • Will thrive if you can: research, learn, spend time in mental enrichment activites
  • Will use objective reasoning
  • Wants: higher education, certification
  • Self Focus
  • Will thrive if you can: be efficient, make $$$, make the rules and decisions
  • Will do something and expect a return (also a sales person characteristic)
  • Wants: financial reward, capitalism, results
  • Self Focus
  • Will thrive if you can be independent and think outside the box
  • Will be a great connector of people and likes networking
  • Wants to advance and control own destiny

"The Helping 
Others Soul"

Passion for Service & Helping Others


"The Process 
and Order Soul"
Passion for Enforcing 'the Rules'

"The Balanced and Sensitive Soul" 
Passion for Creativity
& Beauty

  • Others' Focus
  • Will thrive if you can give, coach, teach, serve and help others.
  • Will be a great listener and people will share easily
  • Wants to give and expects nothing in return
  • Systems' Focus
  • Will thrive if you can enforce conformity for the 'higher good'
  • Will fight to preserve your beliefs
  • Will want rituals, rules and practices in place
  • Others' or Self Focus
  • Will thrive if allowed creative expression
  • Will be subjective and feelings focused
  • Wants personal development and ability to express feelings

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