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Motivation in the Workplace:

overdoing it

What I Can Overdo...

Get more motivation in the workplace by better understanding how to use your quiz for self esteem, - Workplace Motivators Assessment results.

I found these self motivation tips about what I can overdo very meaningful and relationship-saving. Let me explain, as I focus on building more of my own motivation in the workplace and at home, being sure to do what my highest motivator (Passionate Theoretical) loves to do, I can overdo it and drive everyone around me crazy.

The areas that are our strengths 
can become our greatest weakness. 

Well, using our strengths comes natural to us. We think, "Isn't every body this happy and good at this?" We can get lost in our strengths and what we care about. We can overdo it and alienate others or lose site of others people and things that are important to us. That's when it can become a problem.

It's good to know what you might tend to overdo, overuse or even take beyond a reasonable limit. Developing this kind of self awareness is key to creating a sense of work and life balance in your life. This awareness is key to your wake up eager life!

What I Can Overdo


"The Learner's 

Passion for


"The Business 
Person's Soul"

Passion for Business & Making Money


"The Power 
Player's Soul"

Passion for Leading, 
Being in Front

  • May put the pursuit of knowledge above their own health and safety
  • Practical matters can be neglected and ignored (home, family, money)
  • May become a workaholic
  • Willing to give but may always want something in return
  • Positioning of self may be more important than others
  • Desire for power can control all focus and interest

"The Helping 
Others Soul"

Passion for Service
& Helping Others


"The Process 
and Order Soul"
Passion for Enforcing 'the Rules'

"The Balanced and Sensitive Soul" 
Passion for Creativity
& Beauty

  • May create lose/win relationships, focusing only on the benefit to others
  • Overzealousness for a cause may lead to harmful behavior to self/others
  • Sacrifice self for beliefs, willing to die for them
  • Closed minded and judgmental toward other viewpoints, being too rigid
  • May function outside of reality and struggle with every day reality
  • Excessive striving for their perception of perfection and beauty

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