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How to Use Intrinsic Motivation for More Energy and Less Stress:

The "My Life Purpose Revealed" Assessment

intrinsic motivation

Do you know what your top two intrinsic motivation interests and values are? Have you ever wondered about your life purpose? Insight around your top interests will help you make the right career and work decisions so that a day on the job leaves you feeling energized, not burned out.

When coaching clients, we often use the Talent Insights Assessment, an online,  customized-to-you, scientifically-based & validated tool, to help help them better understand their intrinsic motivations and relate them to a work environment. 

Results not only reveal your top two intrinsic motivation interests/passions, it provides specific-to-you actions that can be taken to create work days that leave you more energized. With your results, you'll KNOW what your top two passions are; armed with this information you will be better able to deliberately choose where and how you spend your time.

And, as you better understand your top intrinsic motivation interests, you will also better understand what motivates and drives others. This deeper understanding and awareness will make you a more effective leader, salesperson, spouse, friend and family member.

Michelle's Top Intrinsic Motivation Interests Leads to Satisfying Career Change...

intrinsic motivation

"When I was considering a career change, Suzie provided me with the Workplace Motivators Assessment and Program.. My results led to many 'ah ha!' moments."

"It was very helpful since I tended to get frustrated in my jobs and I didn't know why. Since reviewing these reports, I'm more in tune with myself. If a situation arises, I can address it with confidence. I feel like I've been able to look at myself from a fresh perspective and can more clearly see what's important to me, my intrinsic motivations - what I need in my work environment and in life to be truly happy."

"Before, I couldn't figure out 'what I wanted to be when I grew up.' This tool, and Suzie's compassionate insight, helped show me the way."

Michelle Draschil, a formerly 'bummed out' manager who's excitedly on her way to becoming an Architect, a career that's lined up with her intrinsic motivation. (Her Report revealed that her top two motivators are: high Aesthetic and high Utilitarian. See list below for more detail. Her new career allows her to use her natural strengths and intrinsic motivation interest to the fullest.)

Six Intrinsic Motivation Interests: What Are YOUR Top Two?

There are Six Workplace Motivators (intrinsic motivation,interests and passions). Your TOP TWO reveal what most interests you and relate closely to the work and activities that will feel on-purpose, energizing and 'right' for you.

  • Theoretical/Knowledge - "The Learner" (Is most energized when he/she can learn, research, be an Expert. Wake Up Eager Careers Include: Being a Product Expert, Journalists, Teachers, Researcher, Consultants.)
  • Utilitarian/Economic - "The Business Person" (Is most energized when he/she can make money, reduce waste, keep an eye on revenue and the bottom line. Wake Up Eager Careers Include: Business Person, Owner & Executives, Sales Professional.)
  • Individualistic/Political - "The Power Player" (Is most energized when he/she can lead, 'be out front', continually advance position, network. Wake Up Eager Careers Include: Leader, Political positions, Speaker, Presenter .)
  • Social/Altruistic - "Helping Others" (Is most energized when he/she can coach, mentor, counsel and be of service to others. Wake Up Eager Careers Include: Counselor, Teacher, Nurse, Coach.)
  • Traditional/Regulatory - "The Process and Order Keeper" (Is most energized when he/she can monitor, follow and enforce the rules and system. Wake Up Eager Careers Include: CFO, Judge, Police Officer, Military, Rules Official, Minister)
  • Aesthetic - "The Balanced and Sensitive Seeker" (Is most energized when he/she can be in and help create a pleasing environment, and can pay attention to how things look and feel and self actualization. Wake Up Eager Careers Include: Architect, Receptionist, Artist, Graphic Designer, interior Designer, Fashion, Landscape Design, Environmentalist.)

What are YOUR top two intrinsic motivation interests and passions? What areas de-motivate you and cause you extra stress?  Wouldn't it be nice to focus your time and energy on the personal and professional areas that most energize you; that match your strengths and interests naturally? Wouldn't it be great to feel on purpose & energized, and to be sure about your choices and to help everyone on your team do the same?

With your Talent Insights Assessment results and a debrief coaching call, we can help you and your employees:

  • Reveal your top two intrinsic motivation interests and passions in a 24 page, customized-to-you Report.
  • Clearly define what energizes you, and show you exactly what types of environments and activities stress you out.
  • State how you your top interests brings value to Organizations.
  • Shed insight into how you want to be managed and what motivates and what DE-motivates you.
  • Provide specific focus areas for improvement.
  • Help you know WHY you do what you do, and shed insight into WHY others do what they do.
  • Show you what the merging of your top two passions means specifically for you.
  • Help you know, understand and use your natural passions and interests to their fullest, so you have more energy and excitement around every day! 

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