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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wednesday Tips

Self Confidence Tip: Take Care of Yourself Physically and Emotionally

by Jean S
(Virginia, USA)

If you are suffering a setback in your personal or professional life, the one way to get through it is to ensure that you are in the best shape physically and emotionally.

Making sure that you stay strong is going to give you the courage to deal with whatever lemons life throws at you, and enable you to make that proverbial lemonade.

In order to stay strong, make sure you eat right, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and surround yourself with positive, upbeat people who will provide you with love, support and motivation.

Try to maintain as normal a routine as possible while you?re dealing with adversity. It won't help to hide under the covers, even though that is where you might feel the most comfortable. Get out each day and try to connect with friends.

Avoid people who are negative or naysayers. They will just make you feel bad.

This is a time to call on your network of friends and find out who might have the right connections and resources to help you get out of your temporary setback.

Good luck I know you can do it!

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