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My How toBoost Self Confidence Tips: Trust Your Training

by Chris
(Roseville, CA, US)

At any time or place in life, we have chances to put ourselves out there to gain success. Unfortunately many times these same chances can also result in failure.

How do we respond to these failures? How do we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back that confidence we may have just lost?

My suggestion is that we always look to what got us to that in the first place. If we were at a point in time when we could put ourselves out there to gain success, then we must be doing something right.

Whether we had the schooling to get the job, gained the experience to share our expertise, or simply trusted ourselves enough to speak up, we are a product of our lifelong training.

So what if we fail? We can look to the fact that we had a setback as just another indicator that we have positioned ourselves into chances to succeed, and that one or even multiple setbacks cannot take away what we did in our lives to put us in that opportunity in the first place.

We had a chance for success because we worked hard to get to that spot. Failure cannot take that that away!

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